NEW: Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Meter

New @ Home Controls

Aeon Labs has released the second edition of their popular Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Meter, now available at Home Controls.

You can easily keep track of your entire home’s energy consumption with the Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Meter (2nd Edition). With power factoring and improved accuracy over the original edition, this second edition model is an ideal investment into home energy monitoring. It wires into your home’s electrical box and continuously reports immediate wattage and kWh usage data to your Z-Wave controller. Electrical readings can be taken up to every second.

See It Here:

  • Monitors total energy consumption of building
  • Reports energy use in Watts or kWh
  • Sends data to a Z-Wave network controller
  • Wires directly into the electrical box
  • Weatherized for outdoor installation
  • Repeats Z-Wave messages

Installation Details: The Z-Wave Home Energy Meter detects energy consumption for the entire building by installing directly into the electrical box. The unit comes with two current transformer clamps that affix around the AC Mains. The meter is powered via DC (USB port).

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