Linear Offers Special Discount for New Z-Wave Devices

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Linear has expanded their Z-Wave collection with three new security devices, and is offering a substantial introductory discount offer from now through Aug. 29. See more at Home Controls!

Linear Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector

The Linear Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector integrates into a Z-Wave network and triggers an alert when motion is detected within a 120-degree radius. The sensor also detects rising heat and issues temperature alerts. It features an anti-tamper switch to alert you in case of tampering.

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Linear Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

The Linear Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor installs on a door, window, drawer, or other open/close object to monitor the object’s open/closed status. The unit consists of two components: the battery-powered contact sensor with an internal magnetic reed switch and the magnet. The sensor installs on the door/window frame, and the magnet installs on the door/window itself. When the two separate, an alert is triggered.

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Linear Z-Wave Siren & Strobe

By integrating the Linear Z-Wave Siren & Strobe into your Z-Wave security system, you can ensure that your family knows when an emergency occurs. Sirens are also great deterrents to would-be intruders. The Siren & Strobe features a loud 105 dB alarm and a bright red LED strobe light. When triggered by another Z-Wave device, the Siren & Strobe activates.

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