The X10 Powermid is Back!

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X10 fans rejoice! After an absence of several years, X10 has re-introduced the popular Powermid IR Remote Set. This was one of Home Controls’ most popular X10 products, and we hope you will see why.

Use your remote to control audio/video components in an entirely different room by setting up the X10 Powermid IR Remote Set. This complete kit allows you to control TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, stereo equipment and other IR remote controlled devices up to 100 feet away, even through walls. It’s the perfect addition to any home theater.

  • Enables remote control from a different room
  • Signals travel up to 100 feet through walls
  • Works with any IR remote controlled A/V component
  • Installs in only a few minutes

Get yours here:

How It Works

The X10 Powermid IR Remote Set is an infrared (IR) remote control extender that consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter will be placed in the main entertainment room and the receiver will be placed near your IR controlled A/V equipment. When you use your remote, the transmitter receives the IR signal, converts it into an RF signal, and wirelessly transmits the signal to the receiver. The receiver then converts the signal back into an IR signal and sends it to the A/V component.

The Powermid transmitter and receiver can be set up in minutes. Each component plugs into a standard power outlet and easily fits in an entertainment cabinet or other small area. Each one is 3 inches square at the base and 4 inches high.

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