DataComm Releases Recessed Cable & Power Combo Plates

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You can hide multiple cables behind a wall-mounted flat screen TV by installing the DataComm Recessed Low Voltage Mid-Size Plate with Duplex Receptacle. This model features a built-in duplex receptacle, allowing you to plug in components directly behind the TV. Cables of other A/V components can be plugged into the TV and/or the receptacle by running them behind the wall and pulling them through the Plate’s cable opening. The opening has a flexible screen to create a closed pass-through.

  • Hides cables running to/from a flat screen TV
  • Components plug into built-in 15A duplex receptacle
  • Fits behind the thinnest mounts and TVs
  • Flexible screen covers cable opening

Three Models Available:

DataComm Recessed Low Voltage Mid-Size Plate with Duplex Surge Suppressor

The Recessed Low Voltage Mid-Size Plate fits behind even the thinnest flat screen TVs and mounts. It installs between the drywall and studs. Metal wings mount to the back of the wall.

The plate is ideally used with a second cable pass-through (sold separately) installed near the floor. This allows cables running to/from the TV to enter the wall at one point and exit at another without visibility.

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