PCS Releases New UPStart UPB Lighting Configuration Software

Product Update

UPStartPCS has released the latest version of its UPStart Configuration Software for UPB lighting and appliance automation. Version 7.0  has undergone a major re-implementation of the user interface and now delivers better performance. It also allows for remote access using the PCS Ethernet Powerline Interface (Model PIM-IP) to reduce installation time.

“We are dedicated to enhancing the core experience and functionality of PulseWorx. While creating an easier and faster installation process from either onsite or off.” said Scott Klodowski, director of sales and marketing for PCS. “Savvy integrators are using the new capabilities of the PIM-IP and UPStart as a recurring revenue stream instead of rolling a truck to make changes to a clients system.”

UPStart’s graphical interface improves ease of use with the same ribbon interface used by the most recent Windows productivity applications. The user interface is organized into categories that reflect the installation cycle – network definition, device installation, scene creation, and testing.  A fully customizable quick access tool bar allows installers a personal layout of the most common features used for programming PulseWorx Lighting Systems or any other UPB product. The largest benefit to the software update includes support for the just released PIM-IP Ethernet Powerline Interface module. The PIM-IP now allows remote programming, adjustments, and configuration settings without having to be on site. Access to the PIM-IP is available with proper port forwarding anywhere you can connect to the internet and run UPStart.

Additional features of Version 7.0 of UPStart allow the complete configuration file to be exported and stored on the PIM-IP. This will allow third party application programmers or other IP based devices the ability to interface to a UPB network via TCP/IP.

UPStart latest features:

  • Added five category tabs (Network, Devices, Scenes, Tools and Advanced)
  • Ribbon buttons with pop up information help
  • Customizable quick access toolbar and color style
  • Supports remote programming with a PIM-IP Powerline Interface
  • Configuration can now be exported and stored on the PIM-IP
  • PulseWorx System Designer and Keypad engraving worksheets
  • Supports new products from PCS, the KPLD-7 and KPLR7 Keypad Dimmer/Relay with Load Control
  • Changes to use more appropriate and natural terminology in the user interface
  • Notification of a second instance of UPStart already running and connected to a PIM
  • Additional certification tools and communication reporting

UPStart Version 7.0 is available now to be downloaded free of charge at www.pcslighting.com/pulseworx/resources

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