Save 30% on Buffalo Electronics VC-5S Premium Volume Control

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Buffalo Electronics is offering a very rare and exclusive special for its Premium “Selectable Mode” Volume Control (VC-5S). From now until the end of the year, save 30% in this factory-authorized discount!

The VC-5S is an easy to use, impedance protection volume control with the option to jumper out the impedance protection when it is not needed. The VC-5S works equally well in either mode but has the added responsibility of paying attention to the controlling jumpers.

If you want to drive a single listening zone with its own amplifier this is the volume control for you. Without the protective circuit the volume level increases allowing a lower power, less expensive amplifier to be used.

Save @ Home Controls:

  • Selectable mode: Automatic impedance protection mode or No protection mode
  • Automatically protect amplifier from overload for multi listening zones or No protection for increased volume levels with separate listening zone amplifiers
  • Select desired mode with simple plug-in jumpers
  • 50Wrms rating: Handles 150 watts of music power
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz – 40 kHz,+ 0 dB – 2 dB
  • Low volume 1.5 dB level adjustments for superior room control
  • Smooth, soft detent 11 position switch, 10 volume levels + off position
  • Terminal block connectors accept up to 12 AWG speaker wire
  • Premium autoformers and an industrial strength build quality
  • Stylish low profile easy to grip knob
  • Includes our durable molded ABS wall plate for a perfect color match
  • Mounts in any standard electrical box or P-ring
  • Available Colors: White, Light Almond or Ivory.
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