Certified Z-Wave Garage Door Remote Controller Assembly Now Available from Linear

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Linear’s new Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Controller has earned UL 325 certification in addition to its prior ETL safety certification. The GD00Z is now officially authorized to carry the seal of Underwriters Laboratories’ UL 325 standard for safe remote (unattended) operation of a garage door.

Linear’s GD00Z provides both audible and visual warnings prior to any remotely-activated door movement, in accordance with UL 325 safety requirements, adding to the standard safety features already built into modern garage door openers. Embedded with a Z-Wave smart chip that enables two-way RF communication between hundreds of other Z-Wave enabled devices, the controller works harmoniously with Linear Z-Wave intelligent lighting and security devices and Z-Wave products from many other manufacturers.

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“The garage door is the heaviest moving object in most homes, so we designed our Z-Wave remote controller to meet the industry’s most stringent safety standards,” said Duane Paulson, senior vice president of product and market development, Linear. “The UL 325 certification is an affirmation of our commitment to safety and smart home innovation.”

Unlike many other garage door controllers, Linear’s GD00Z works with just about any garage door opener manufactured after 1993 and connected to a sectional garage door. It also comes with a wireless sensor that reports ‘open’ or ‘closed’ status to the controller, giving consumers total peace of mind anywhere. Once installed, the garage door can be conveniently controlled through any Z-Wave certified gateway, security or automation panel.

Linear’s Z-Wave GD00Z has earned much acclaim over the past year, including Best New Product in the Residential and Monitoring Solution category from the Security Industry Association, an ESX Maximum Impact Award, and a CE Pro Best Award. It was also honored by the Z-Wave Alliance for being Z-Wave’s 1,000th certified product, making Z-Wave the most broadly-adopted wireless protocol for home control and automation products worldwide.

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