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Optex Releases Upgraded iVision+ Wireless Video Intercom

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Optex iVision+ Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom SystemWouldn’t it be great if you could answer your door without opening it? The Optex iVision+ Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom System lets you do just that! When a visitor at your door presses the backlit button on the Door Camera, the wireless Handheld Monitor chimes like a doorbell and displays video from the camera.

You can then answer and talk to your visitor through the intercom system from anywhere in your home! If you’re not there to answer, you can later review still photos of your visitor. You also have the option of snapping still photos during a live conversation. Up to 500 photos can be stored in the monitor.

  • Door camera captures video and still photos
  • Monitor displays images on 2.4″ LCD screen
  • Wireless range up to 330 feet
  • Works day (color) or night (black/white)
  • Battery-powered, no wiring required
  • USB port for downloading images to PC

See it @ Home Controls:

If you hear a knock at the door, for example, and your visitor doesn’t press the door camera’s button, you can still initiate a video intercom session, if you put the system into “Browsing” mode (external power source required for this feature). The monitor also features an optional door release button, allowing you to remotely unlock the door when the system is used in conjunction with an electric door strike (sold separately).

The iVision+ Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom System can be used day or night. The camera captures color video during the day and black/white video at night through infrared (IR) vision. The system is expandable up to four handheld monitors and two door cameras total.

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