Save 25%: Leviton Universal Wall Switch Vacancy Sensors

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Leviton Universal Wall Switch Vacancy SensorLeviton and Home Controls are offering 25% off both Manual On Universal Wall Switch Vacancy Sensors (600W and 1800W versions). Now is a great opportunity to save money and save on your electric bill!

Save on energy costs with a switch that automatically turns your lights off when the room is vacant. The Leviton Universal Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors provides automatic off control for LED, CFL, incandescent, fluorescent and motor loads. These energy-saving, aesthetic sensors offer a convenient method for managing lighting in any home or business.

  • Controls LED, CFL, incandescent, fluorescent and motor loads
  • Auto-Off upon vacancy saves energy and costs
  • Coordinates with Leviton’s popular line of Decora devices
  • Fits in standard wallbox and replaces single-pole wall switch

The Occupancy Sensor features an elegant style to complement any decor. Its low-profile design eliminates the “scanning device” look of typical sensors, offering homeowners a modern, yet decorative solution for lighting control. Each sensor comes with a white faceplate attached and two color change kits (Ivory and Light Almond) for seamless integration into any setting.

Save with Auto-Off Technology

With this Manual-ON switch, your lights will turn on when the sensor’s button is pushed. As long as motion is detected in the area, the lights will stay on. When the room is left vacant and motion is no longer detected, the lights will automatically turn off according to your timer setting. Additionally, the convenient push-button provides manual off control at any time. The sensor covers up to 900 square feet (30 x 30) with a 180-degree field of view, ensuring adequate coverage for even the largest rooms.

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