Next Generation of Z-Wave Automation from GE

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Home Controls is now carrying the next generation of Z-Wave Automation from GE. Our new product line is an upgrade from the previous GE collection, with most switches and modules now being able to control incandescent, CFL or LED lights. Plus, the in-wall switches include both white and light almond paddles – so you can easily switch the colors!

Featured New GE Z-Wave Products

GE Z-Wave Dimmer Wall Switch
Previously Model 45612

Replace a traditional dimmer switch with the GE Z-Wave Dimmer Wall Switch to add Z-Wave On/Off/Dim control to any wired light fixture up to 600W. This dimmer is compatible with incandescent, CFL, LED, fluorescent, halogen and xenon lights. Once connected to the light, the dimmer can be used to dim/brighten the light and turn it on/off locally or with a Z-Wave remote (sold separately).

GE Z-Wave On/Off Wall Switch
Previously Model 45609

You can add Z-Wave control to a wired light or appliance by replacing a standard On/Off switch with the GE Z-Wave On/Off Wall Switch. The switch work with lights up to 960 Watts and resistive loads up to 1800 Watts. Once the switch is wired to your light or appliance, you can control the load using either the local rocker switch or a Z-Wave remote controller.

GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch

Add Z-Wave remote control to your ceiling fan by installing the GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch. Once the switch is wired in, you can turn the fan On/Off and choose from three speed levels (High, Medium, Low) via Z-Wave remote or this local switch.

GE Z-Wave Plug-In Dimmable Lamp Module
Previously Model 45602

Enable Z-Wave control for any dimmable plug-in light with the GE Z-Wave Plug-In Dimmable Lamp Module. Simply plug your light into the module, and plug the module into a standard power outlet. You can dim/brighten the light and turn it On/Off using either a Z-Wave controller or the module’s built-in button. The module also detects use of the light’s own local switch, so you can turn the light On/Off locally.

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