PCS Introduces PulseWorx UPB Receptacle Outlet

New @ Home Controls

PulseWorx UPB Receptacle ModulePlug any device into the PulseWorx UPB Receptacle Module – now available at Home Controls – to immediately enable UPB control. This module features one UPB-controlled outlet on top and one regular pass-through outlet on bottom. It can replace a traditional duplex receptacle using the existing wiring, making it easy to extend UPB control throughout your home or business.

  • Top outlet responds to UPB commands
  • Bottom outlet stays powered independently
  • Supports 120V loads up to 15A
  • Optionally set "max on time" for auto-off
  • Adjustable multi-color LED night light
  • Can be a member of up to 16 scenes
More Details @ Home Controls: www.homecontrols.com/PulseWorx-UPB-Receptacle-Module-PCRM115x

The PulseWorx UPB Receptacle Module enables UPB remote control for a plug-in load up to 120VAC with a maximum rating of 15 Amps. It’s perfect for controlling lamps, fans, motors, pumps, and other non-dimming appliances.

Supports Scenes & Auto-Off

The UPB-controlled outlet can be included in up to 16 scenes and gives you three relay options (On, Off, or Blink) for each scene. These pre-set options are easily adjustable through the PulseWorx manual programming method. You also have the option of setting a “maximum on time” (up to 240 minutes) to automatically turn off a plugged in appliance after the set time. A multi-color LED (blue, magenta or red) near the bottom outlet indicates the module’s status and provides an adjustable night light.

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