Seco-Larm Released Advanced Automatic Voice Dialer

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Seco-Larm has discontinued their Enforcer E-920B Voice Security Dialer and replaced it with the improved Advanced Automatic Voice Dialer (model E-921CPQ), now shipping from Home Controls.

Seco-Larm Enforcer Advanced Automatic Voice DialerWhen your alarm system is triggered, the Seco-Larm Enforcer Advanced Automatic Voice Dialer can automatically dial up to five phone numbers and leave an emergency voice message. The message will play repeatedly for one minute to maximize the chances of someone hearing it. While phone numbers are being called, the dialer’s LCD screen displays the number being dialed at each stage of the process.

  • Automatically dials up to 5 phone numbers when triggered
  • Delivers one 20-second message repeatedly
  • Built-in 105dB siren and backlit keypad
  • Remote listen-in, broadcast, arm/disarm via phone
  • Wires into any standard alarm/security system

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Once someone picks up the phone and hears the message, the receiver can listen in on the room (the keypad has a built-in speaker and microphone), and talk back and broadcast a message to the room. You can also remotely control the system using a phone (arm/disarm, disable siren).

In addition to sending automated messages when an alarm is triggered, the Automatic Voice Dialer also serves as a control panel for your security system. Even when an alarm isn’t triggered, you can remotely access the system by calling into the keypad through any touch-tone phone. When your home is occupied, you can put the dialer in home mode. The dialer will serve as a doorbell chime (used in conjunction with a door sensor) and a panic button.

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