Woof! Woof! Advice on Installing Home Theater Subwoofers

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A few days ago, Home Controls welcomed a few representatives from OEM Systems Company to our headquarters. During their visit, they shared some great advice that we wanted to pass along to our readers:

1. Use a subwoofer in every surround sound audio system.

Not only do subwoofers allow the system to deliver a better bass experience, they also help your speakers perform better, because when you direct bass signals to a dedicated subwoofer, you take that load off your other speakers and then they don’t have to work as hard. Always add a subwoofer to improve both the bass and the rest of the audio spectrum. You’ll get a superior listening experience at every level.

2. If one subwoofer is good, two subwoofers are great.

There’s a problem with having only one subwoofer. Those big bass sound waves bounce off the walls and run into each other. In some areas of the room, one wave may cancel out another wave, producing a silent spot. In other areas, two waves may combine to produce an even stronger wave, creating a loud spot, as shown in the diagram below.

This problem can be alleviated by placing two subwoofers in two different areas of the room to create a smoother audio landscape. OEM also explained that you could alternatively choose to outfit the room with sound-absorbing material in order to minimize sound reflection, but doing so is much more costly than simply adding another subwoofer.


Image Source: uberz.ca/acoustics-information.html

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