Simply Automated Expands “Anywhere” Virtual Lighting Controls

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Electricians, custom home integrators, and do-it-yourselfers, celebrate, because the Simply Automated “Anywhere” product line (available through Home Controls) now includes a Wire-In Fixture Relay Module, a Duplex Receptacle, and a Plug-In Appliance Module, plus an “Anywhere”-compatible Scheduler-Timer (similar to the popular UPB-compatible version).

When Simply Automated Inc. (SAI) released the original “Anywhere” 3-Way Switch Kit, electricians made the kit one of SAI’s most popular products ever. The “Anywhere” 3-Way Switch Kit offers an easier, more cost-effective solution for creating a 3-way light switch by employing a more simple powerline communications technology (compared to SAI’s traditional UPB protocol). Now, “Anywhere” technology can be used for a wider range of lighting and appliance control applications.

  • Popular solution for remodels and outdoor lighting control
  • Employs Simply Automated’s advanced powerline technology
  • More reliable than DIY consumer-grade (RF wireless) options
  • No PC-configuration required – program channels with integrated programming button
  • No new wiring required – wall switches and receptacles utilize existing wires
  • Transmitting devices send powerline signals over 1 mile

Simply Automated’s Anywhere devices support multiple communication channels, allowing you to create a custom lighting and appliance control system with one or multiple zones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Simply Automated’s Anywhere Switches and Kits are incompatible (will not talk to or work with) any of Simply Automated’s PC-Configured, Pre-Configured, SimplySmart, or other UPB or UPStart product solutions.

New Simply Automated Anywhere products include:

SAI Anywhere Wire-In Fixture (Relay) Module

Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Wire In Fixture (Relay) ModuleDon’t run new wires to add a wall switch or remote control capability. Use the Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Wire-In Fixture (Relay) Module in conjunction with either the Anywhere Virtual Switch or the Anywhere Scheduler-Timer to set up remote control for wired lighting, appliances, low-voltage transformers, or fan/pump motors. It’s perfect for adding switched control, for example, to under-cabinet lighting during a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • Adds remote/switched control to a wired load
  • Receives On/Off commands from Anywhere transmitters
  • Wireless – no traveler wires or batteries required
  • Supports loads up to 120 VAC, 12 Amps or 1/3 HP motor
  • Offers four (4) communication channels
  • Fits into a standard junction box

SAI Anywhere Receptacle

Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Controlled ReceptacleReplace a traditional power outlet with the Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Controlled Receptacle to enable instant remote control for any plug-in device. The top outlet receives On/Off commands from Simply Automated Anywhere transmitters (sold separately), such as the Scheduler-Timer or Switches. Simply plug your device into the top outlet and then it can be turned On/Off by your Anywhere transmitter.

  • Controlled outlet on top, pass-through on bottom
  • Supports loads up to 15 Amps or 1/3 HP motor
  • Replaces a standard power outlet

SAI Anywhere Plug-In Appliance Module

Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Plug-In Appliance (Relay) ModuleYou can easily add remote control to a plug-in lamp or appliance by plugging it into the Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Plug-In Appliance (Relay) Module. Simply plug the module into a power outlet, and plug your lamp/appliance into the bottom outlet of the module. The module receives On/Off commands from Simply Automated Anywhere transmitters (sold separately), such as the Scheduler-Timer or Switches, to provide remote control for the plugged-in device.

SAI Anywhere Scheduler-Timer

Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-TimerPerfect for controlling outdoor lighting and other scheduling applications around the home, the Simply Automated Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer lets you schedule up to 32 On/Off events for any Simply Automated Anywhere devices/scenes. The Scheduler-Timer features an astronomical clock, so you can schedule lights to turn On/Off based on local sunrise/sunset times. Additional scheduling options include custom daily On/Off times and vacation mode.

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