Legrand Expands On-Q Keystone Color Options

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On-Q Keystone Wall Plates/InsertsLegrand is the master of color options, especially when it comes to wallplate choices. The On-Q Studio wallplates, for example, come in a whopping 17 colors.

Now, Legrand has expanded the color options for their On-Q Keystone Multi-media Wallplates by adding gray and stainless steel to their existing selection of White, Light Almond, Ivory, Brown and Black.

The two new colors are available for all keystone port configurations:

Each of these wallplates supports Keystone Inserts in a variety of customizable combinations. Check out the available inserts and connectors here: On-Q Keystone Wall Plates/Inserts.

Are you looking for more choices to customize your connected home? Stay tuned: As you read this, Home Controls is adding half a dozen newly-released On-Q connectors.

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