Skydrop Makes Smart Sprinklers Even Smarter

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Since Home Controls is based in San Diego, we pay close attention to the current drought conditions our state is ensuring. That’s why we are excited to now offer Skydrop, one of the smartest – and easiest – water-saving irrigation controllers.

Take the guesswork out of watering and control your sprinkler system the smart way by installing the Skydrop 8-Zone Smart Controller. Skydrop, an EPA WaterSense-certified controller, replaces your old traditional controller to add advanced features (as well as standard scheduling), like automatic weather-based adjustments.

The controller also connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi, so you can manually adjust settings and monitor water usage through your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere you have Internet access.

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  • Control via built-in LCD screen or over Wi-Fi (smartphone/PC)
  • Ensures lawn always has optimum moisture level
  • Adjusts watering based on real-time weather data
  • Calculates moisture lost by lawn each day
  • Incorporates imposed water restrictions into watering schedules
  • Suitable for managing gardens, drip systems, etc.

Skydrop 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Skydrop 8-Zone Smart Controller intelligently analyzes your lawn and environment over time to develop a custom watering plan, designed to keep your lawn green while maximizing water conservation. Connected to the cloud, the controller has access to hyper-local weather data and adjusts watering based on real-time precipitation, humidity, temperature, wind, solar radiation, slope, and soil condition.

Expandable Up to 16 Zones

This main controller connects to the existing sprinkler system wiring and supports up to eight (8) irrigation zones total. You can control additional zones by connecting the Skydrop 8-Zone Expansion Module (SDSEM81.0, sold separately).

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