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Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5

Smart home technology just became a whole lot smarter. Aeon Labs‘s newest iteration of the Aeotec Smart Switch gives you more control, protection, and savings.

The Aeotec Smart Switch 6 is a Z-Wave compatible plug-in module that allows wireless control over whatever is plugged into it, turning virtually any appliance into a smart device. Installation is as easy as plugging it in and pairing it with your Z-Wave home network. As one of the newest pieces of smart home technology, the Smart Switch 6 can do much more than simple wireless control.

Z-Wave PlusThe Smart Switch 6 is one of the first plug-in modules to utilize the newest Z-Wave technology, Gen 5, also known as Z-Wave Plus. Z-Wave Plus gives you an increased range of control, encrypted security, and quicker, more reliable communication compared to previous Z-Wave products. The Smart Switch 6 is one of the leading Z-Wave products because with it, any appliance can become a smart device.

The Smart Switch 6 is a triple threat, boasting wireless control, surge protection, and energy monitoring all in one compact device. The Smart Switch 6 can be controlled via remote or an app on your smartphone from up to 500 feet away. It can also communicate with other Z-Wave devices within the same 500-foot range. It can be set to a schedule to reduce energy usage and give you big savings on your electricity bill. You can use it to automatically turn on your coffee machine in the morning as you wake up or turn on and off your TV or computer system so they won’t idly draw power while you’re away. In case of emergencies or malfunctioning equipment, the Smart Switch 6 can turn off automatically to prevent further damage and wasted energy.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5

The Smart Switch’s most notable feature is its LED Ring electricity monitoring system. Energy usage is conveyed through the colored LED Ring around the the surface of the plug. The smart technology within uses colored lights to identify exactly how much electricity is being used and whether or not the device is on. Different colors can be selected to signify three levels of wattage use: 0-400W, 401-1900W, and 1901-2400W. The LED Ring is completely customizable, allowing you to select from 16 million colors to highlight your energy usage and control what each color signifies.

The LED Ring has four modes to choose from. The first is Energy Mode, which is the standard mode for the Smart Switch. The LED Ring will remain on when the switch is on, and off when the switch is off, and will continuously indicate the appliance’s wattage while on. The second mode is two-color mode, which uses one color to signify when your device is on, and another color when your device is off. The third mode is Momentary Indicate Mode. In this mode, the LED will momentarily turn on for 5 seconds before turning off after every state change (i.e. turning it on or off). The last mode is Night Light mode, where the LED can be used as a constant low-powered light that will turn on and off whenever you want. These modes and the colors you can choose from are accessible through your Z-Wave controller.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5

In addition, Smart Switch 6 does not only tell your electricity use through colored lights. Through your Z-Wave controller, the Smart Switch can send real-time reports on the electricity being used through it. You can review this information anytime as long as your Z-Wave controller is connected to the Internet. These records can be saved to provide a historical account of your energy use for whatever device you plug into the Smart Switch.

The Smart Switch 6 is both powerful and safe to use. Drawing up to 15 amps, the Smart Switch can handle a wide range of appliances and electronics. It features built-in surge and over-current protection, significantly reducing the chance of shortages and harm against your appliances or loved ones. The advanced design of the Smart Switch also prevents foreign objects and incompatible plugs from being inserted into it. Finally, the Smart Switch is compatible with a multitude of voltage standards, allowing it to be used in virtually every country, all the while ensuring the highest levels of performance and safety.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5

At 2.3 sq. inches, the Aeotec Smart Switch is smaller than the comparable Leviton Vizia modules, plus the GE, Linear and Evolve modules, and even the earlier Aeotec module.

Since releasing the original Smart Switch Aeotec made in 2006, Aeotec has constantly re-engineered their designs and technology, streamlining their products into perfection. The Smart Switch 6 is their best and most beautiful Smart Switch yet. In addition to its previously mentioned features, the Smart Switch is also almost half the size of its predecessor at 2.3 sq. inches, allowing it to be plugged into almost any outlet without blocking adjacent outlets. The Smart Switch also includes a USB port on its side, offering side-port charging for smartphones and tablets. Finally, the Smart Switch wirelessly updates itself thanks to Aeotec’s over-the-air firmware updates.This ensures that the Smart Switch will stay ahead of its predecessors and match nearly any product that comes after it.

One Amazon buyer enjoyed the Smart Switch, saying, “The build quality is excellent. It feels solid unlike some that feel like a thin plastic case. I’ve had no problems associating with my controller and the range is acceptable. I’m very happy with these and will be buying more.”

With its sleek, modern design, amazing features, and reliable technology, the Smart Switch 6 is a must have for any homeowner looking to save money on their electricity bill and making their home smarter and more connected. Order yours through Home Controls for an affordable price and fast shipping!

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