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When it comes to smart home technology, virtually anything electronic within a home can become automated. Lights, home theater systems, doors and windows, even locks and deadbolts can be outfitted with smart technology that grants you more convenience, comfort and security.

Schlage provides increased security and convenience with their smart locks and deadbolts. In particular, the Schlage Connect Deadbolt offers the highest levels of security, convenience and connectivity in the access control and door entry markets. It allows both traditional turnkey and keyless access with its traditional lock and touchscreen keypad. The Connect Deadbolt also has an internal alarm, Z-Wave connectivity, and the option of wireless control via the Internet or your smartphone, providing access to your home even when you’re not there. All of these features make the Connect Deadbolt a valuable addition to any home.

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The Schlage Connect Deadbolt offers an impressive variety of features. With the keypad, all you have to do is input a 4-to-8 digit code and the lock will open, freeing up your hands and eliminating any fumbling for keys as you go to and from your home. The backup key can be used if the battery runs out or if you or a loved one can’t remember an access code.

Three predetermined codes are given to every buyer; one 6-digit programming code for creating and deleting codes and accessing other settings, and two starter user access codes. More than 30 unique codes, permanent or temporary, can be programmed for authorized access, allowing you to give friends and family members access to your home.

Nexia Home Intelligence BridgeWith a Nexia Bridge control unit or the Nexia Home Intelligence app for smartphones, you can completely control the accessibility of codes used to unlock your door. Access codes given to guests or family members can only work on certain days or at certain times, or expire after a certain number of days. You can enable or disable access codes at your decision and access your lock remotely for visitors who don’t have a code.

The app can also track which codes are used to unlock your door, telling you exactly whose code is being used. The website and app will keep a 90 day timeline showing every time the door is opened and by whom. There is even a “vacation mode” that lets you disable every code for a time and only use the key to unlock the door when you are away. This way you have complete control over who enters your home at all times.

Locking your door is easy with Schlage Connect. To lock your door from the outside, just press the Schlage button above the touchscreen. To lock the deadbolt from the inside turn the thumbturn. The “lock and leave” feature allows your deadbolt to lock automatically after 30 seconds when you enter or leave your home.

Schlage LocksThe keypad itself is a durable touchscreen with a matte finish that is resistant against fingerprints and smudges, keeping the screen clean so intruders cannot easily discern the correct access code. The numbers are displayed faintly on the keypad until you press the Schlage button, which will then cause the numbers to illuminate with a soft blue light. A green check mark will flash when a correct code is inputted and a red X will flash when an incorrect code is inputted. The red X will also appear if the lock cannot be completely locked. The lock beeps with every button press, although you can optionally disable this setting.

Also built into the Connect Deadbolt is a touch-sensitive alarm system that has three settings you can turn on and off at your discretion. The first alarm sounds when the lock detects someone is trying to break the door down. The second will activate as someone tampers with the inside of the lock. The last causes the lock to beep twice whenever the door opens or shuts. Each of these settings can be separately configured.

The Schlage Connect Deadbolt is a Z-Wave compatible device, allowing you to connect it with your home network, boost Z-Wave signals and program it to trigger other devices in your home, such as your lights, as you walk through your front door.

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt is a wonderfully handy device that increases the security of your home while making it more accessible to you and your loved ones. The lock’s reliable and versatile features, especially those included when you use the Nexia software, make your life simpler and hassle-free when it comes to entering and leaving your home. Find yourself a Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt today at Home Controls for fast shipping at an affordable price!

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