Small Box, Big Performance: The BitWise BC4

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BitwiseThe BitWise BC4, now part of the Leviton brand, is a one-room A/V controller perfect for new home-theater control projects or expanding an existing BC1 or BC2 control system. This system allows for comprehensive control over A/V equipment, unobtrusive installation, flawless integration, and an incredible amount of customization based on your client’s needs. Home Controls is proud to introduce the BitWise BC4 as a dealer-exclusive item.

Communication is Key

As an installer, you want to give your clients a comprehensive solution to their home entertainment needs. This is why the BitWise BC4’s versatility is such an asset; connecting with just about any A/V component. The BC4 can control an unlimited number of IP devices, but it doesn’t end there. Check out some of the controller’s additional inputs for non-IP devices:

  • 4 IR ports with a built-in blaster (348,000 code IR library)
  • 1 bidirectional RS-232 port
  • 2 signal-sensing GPIO ports
  • 2 SPDT relays for projectors or window covers

With these different ports available, you will be guaranteed to meet the needs of each individual project no matter the requirements. Utilize the IR ports for TV control while connecting phones and doorbells to your entertainment system through the GPIO port. You can even easily create a full-on home theater automation system with automated shades, lighting, audio, and video control.

Not Your Average A/V Controller

The BC4 can handle all the A/V control your client could ever want without breaking a sweat, but why not use this machine to its full potential? As hinted above, the BC4 not only controls audio and video equipment but also lighting, security, and HVAC, allowing your client to experience more control than ever before. In fact, this system can be easily integrated into existing BitWise and/or Omni systems.

With this one device, you will be able to connect TVs, audio systems, Blu-Ray/DVD players, projectors/screens, motorized shades, lighting, and so much more. All of this will be connected into one hub that your client can control from one customizable app.

Complete Customization

Leviton Bitwise BC4 Automation ControllerThe BC4 is completely customizable during installation to meet the different system requirements of each unique client. And once the installation is complete, your clients will be able to experience the same level of customization through the free app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

The customizable app interface allows users to create an interface that fits them best. In-app customization is simple to understand and can be altered by using Leviton’s Project Editor Software. Once created, the custom interface can then be deployed to your client’s smartphone, tablet, or Bitwise room remote. Thanks to the BC4’s built-in RF receiver, controlling equipment with a handheld remote never requires line-of-sight.

Customization is a critical aspect of utilizing the BitWise BC4 to its fullest potential. With the installer’s ability to fully customize the system, the BC4 ensures that every client gets exactly what they were looking for.

Installation Made Easy

The BC4 is the smallest BitWise controller yet, allowing for a lot of versatility in the physical installation of the hub. The system can be wall-mounted, rack-mounted, or shelf-mounted and features a port for Power Over Ethernet for tight spaces or areas that do not offer traditional power sources. The package also includes a 12VDC wall adaptor for standard plug-in power.

On the programming side of the installation process, the Project Editor Software will allow you to install the BC4 with no coding required. Using the software, you can create complete control systems and GUI’s for your client’s BitWise Touch App. These control systems can even be used to create event schedules and unique email/text notifications. For example, if Friday is movie night, your client could have the curtains close, lights turn out, and the TV come on every Friday at 9 PM.

If you ever have a particularly difficult installation, the Home Controls tech support team is here to help you design, install, and even troubleshoot your clients’ systems. Additionally, Leviton offers comprehensive technical support; giving you plenty of options when looking for a bit of guidance.

BitWise Controls

Bitwise Solutions

The BitWise BC4 is perfect for single-room solutions, such as a home theaters or restaurants, or as an expansion for existing BC1 or BC2 systems. Regardless of the application, this system not only offers A/V control but lighting, security, and HVAC control as well. The BC4’s ability to be integrated into existing BitWise and Omni systems means that it is completely scalable for future expansion, perfect for small businesses and homes with growth in the future!

If you are not a dealer and are interested in the BitWise BC4, please contact our Customer Service center and we will match you with a trusted dealer in your area.

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