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Dealer Exclusive

Leviton Lumina RF Automation Control Systems

Home Controls is excited to introduce the Lumina RF Ecosystem, available exclusively for our dealers. Created to serve the small commercial enterprise market, the Lumina RF Ecosystem can easily be installed as a new construction or retrofit system. Due to its energy management capabilities, any small business, from restaurants to retailers, will be able to realize energy and cost savings.

What Lumina RF Can Do for You (& Your Client)

For a small business, any amount of energy savings is welcome, but what if your client’s business was smart enough to save energy (and money) on its own? The Lumina RF Ecosystem makes this a reality for small commercial operations such as coffee shops, offices, retail storefronts, and franchise stores. If any of these operations sounds like a client of yours, here is how the Lumina RF Ecosystem can help them succeed.

Lumina RF Eco-System

It’s a Sensor(sation)!

Using sensors is an integral part of the Lumina RF Ecosystem. All motion, door/window, and occupancy sensors will integrate with your client’s wall switches, load control modules, and thermostats through the Lumina Gateway. All that’s left is to tell the devices how to act when a sensor is triggered.

For example, say your client owns a restaurant with a patio. On nice days they may open the patio windows. Through the Gateway, your client can tell their system to turn off the air conditioner but keep the ceiling fans on whenever the patio windows are opened. This same client could also have door sensors in the bathrooms. Anytime the bathroom door is opened, have the lights turn on! Add a motion or occupancy sensor to the bathroom and those same lights will turn off on their own once the restroom is empty.

Using a variety of sensors, you and your client will be able to come up with a multitude of creative solutions to save energy (and, in turn, money). The ability to mix and match Leviton devices, will give you the freedom to design the perfect system for each unique situation.

What’s Your Schedule?

To fully utilize the Lumina RF Ecosystem, scheduling is key. As you learned above, the Lumina can be scheduled according to certain event triggers, but can also be scheduled according to your client’s daily routine.

For example, your client owns a small clothing retail store with changing rooms. Workers come in around 8 AM to set-up, but customers don’t start using the changing rooms until the store opens at 9 AM. With scheduling, your client will be able to tell the system to turn the main lights on at 8 AM but leave the changing room lights off until 9 AM.

With the Lumina Gateway’s “copy and paste” feature, setting up each week’s schedules,and making changes to those schedules, will be hassle-free on the OmniTouch 7 or smartphone interface.

Putting Your Client in (Remote) Control

Viewing or managing the Lumina RF Ecosystem is possible anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or OmniTouch 7. The fact that all of the varying sensors, thermometers, and load controllers can be accessed from one central app becomes even more important when a client is managing several businesses.

For example, your client owns several franchise stores. With a Lumina Gateway and accompanying devices, your client will be able to view and manage each store from one device. Is one store experiencing a cold front and rain? Turn up the heat. Is another store in a different area experiencing a heat wave? Turn on the air conditioner, or just view energy usage information across your stores. All of this can be achieved from your client’s phone or OmniTouch 7 with just a couple of well-placed finger taps.

Made With the Installer in Mind

Leviton’s Cloud Service was created specifically for the convenience of the installer. Using the cloud, you will be able to download installation software, register projects, manage user credentials, and even monitor your client’s systems. Any questions a client may have can easily be troubleshooted from your phone!

As for the physical installation of individual devices, almost all of the Lumina RF Ecosystems devices are wireless. This allows for an incredible amount of flexibility when designing and installing your client’s system. So where should you begin? Take a look at the Home Controls website to learn what is possible with the Lumina RF Ecosystem.

If you are not a dealer and are interested in the Lumina RF Ecosystem, please contact our Customer Service center and we will match you with a trusted dealer in your area.

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