Introducing Nexia Bridge: The All-Inclusive Smart Home Automation Hub

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Nexia Home Intelligence

Home Controls is proud to announce our newest smart home automation collection, Nexia Home Intelligence.

Nexia’s signature product is the Nexia Bridge, a wireless home automation hub that works with both Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices. Nexia’s Bridge is unique compared to other home automation systems due to its compatibility with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi products made by other manufacturers. Nexia’s cross compatibility gives users the freedom to use devices they already own or are eager to purchase.

The Bridge looks like a wireless router and acts like one too. Installation is as simple as connecting the Bridge to your home Wi-Fi network. Adding and removing devices to the Bridge requires you to press the corresponding button on the Bridge, and then follow any further instructions for the intended device. From there, you can control the devices paired with the Bridge via the Nexia Home Intelligence App or website. You can check the status of your devices, set alerts for specific events, and remotely turn on and off various appliances within your home. The Bridge gives you complete remote control of your smart home devices from your phone or any computer.

Nexia Products

Products that work with the Nexia Bridge are divided into two categories: “Nexia Compatible” (good) and “Nexia Certified” (better). Products that are “Nexia Compatible” are capable of performing at least their standard functions and communicating efficiently over Z-Wave or Wi-Fi networks when integrated into a Nexia system. “Nexia Certified” products more fully integrate with the Nexia system, giving users greater control and customization over these devices. Nexia personally tests numerous third-party products to determine which devices and companies work best with their Home Intelligence System. As of June 2015, over 200 products are compatible with Nexia from more than 20 manufacturers, including Schlage, GE, Trane, and Kwikset.

Nexia Home IntelligenceIn order to fully access all of Nexia‘s remote control features, users have to download Nexia’s free app and sign up for a paid subscription of $9.99 per month. Given the amount of devices you can control with the Bridge and the range of customization you have over “Nexia Certified” products, the monthly fee is worth it, especially if you’re planning on automating most, if not all of your home.

Nexia’s Bridge is the perfect smart home automation hub for both starters and experienced home automators. It is simple to use, provides reliable connections, and gives you more control over your home. Purchase a Bridge of your own and make your home more accessible and connected.

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