PCS Introduces PulseWorx Gateway as the Ultimate UPB Interface

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PCS PulseWorx UPB GatewayPCS has just released the new PulseWorx Gateway (Model PGW), introducing it as the ultimate interface to any PulseWorx system. The PGW empowers the use of mobile devices, smart phones and/or tablets to control the full line of UPB products.

Featuring a built-in web server as well as a Timed Event Controller, the PCS PulseWorx Gateway is an all-in-one UPB interface that enables remote access to a UPB network through any web-enabled device. The interface connects your UPB network to a free mobile app, giving end-users remote control from anywhere. It also gives installers remote programming capabilities through the app by connecting to UPStart Configuration Software. From system programming to turning lights On/Off, the PCS PulseWorx Gateway gives you remote control for everything UPB.

  • Enables IP remote control for a UPB network
  • Connects to a free mobile app for iOS and Windows
  • Allows up to 8 simultaneous user connections
  • Built-in scheduler stores up to 256 events
  • Works even if Internet goes down
  • Compatible with UPStart 8.0 Build 1 or higher

The PulseWorx Gateway is compatible with all UPB devices, including PCS and third-party products. It plugs into a standard power outlet and connects to your network via Cat5 cable. UPB signals are boosted for long-distance transmission, allowing you to locate the Gateway anywhere in your home.

For the Homeowner

  • Control lights from inside or outside your home
  • Smartphone and tablet control
  • Built-in scheduler with auto Daylight Saving Time adjustment
  • Sunrise/sunset functions
  • Allows up to 8 users to be connected simultaneously
  • Instantly displays status of all devices in the home – no polling

For the Installer

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