Legrand Reveals New Home Automation Platform Intuity

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Legrand has released their newest smart home automation controller, Intuity. Designed for home builders and experienced custom installers, Intuity is an affordable home control system that provides an incredibly simple user interface for whole-house control. Legrand’s new system is an easy to install, enclosure-based platform that can meet any homeowner’s needs or preferences.

Intuity is a wireless home automation system that can work over both Z-Wave and Wi-Fi networks. Legrand’s goal for Intuity is to offer a modular, accessible home system that supports a wide range of home technologies. Intuity boasts support for many On-Q subsystems including security and intercom systems, video door entry systems, lighting control, and audio distribution. It allows third-party integration for specific technologies including electronic door locks, thermostats, and other security systems from brands such as Kwikset, Honeywell, and Interlogix.

On-Q Intuity Home Automation Control SystemsYou can control the Intuity system via the Intuity iOS app for both iPhone and iPad or on any computer through the Internet. The user interface is seamless across all platforms. Legrand also offers a wall-mounted Command Center that houses an iPad Mini and includes a built-in intercom station and digital audio zone. With an iPad, the Command Center acts as a central controller for your home.

Intuity’s wiring infrastructure consists of modular components housed within a singular structured wiring enclosure. This allows for easy installation by eliminating complicated wiring and excessive controller devices. On its own, the main Intuity Automation Controller supports all of On-Q’s subsystems through your home Internet network. With the add-on Z-Wave and RF Bridge Modules, Intuity gains the ability to communicate over Z-Wave and RF networks with wireless On-Q lighting controls as well as third-party thermostats, door locks, and security systems.

Legrand is also releasing a support program that helps home builders design and present homes outfitted with the Intuity system. The program provides sales training, merchandising tools, video demonstrations of Intuity in use, and an app that creates a virtual tour of a home equipped with Intuity. The Virtual 360 app allows builders and homeowners to create a virtual template of a home, which they can test to observe how Intuity works. The program will also offer an extended warranty option.

On-Q Intuity Home Automation Control SystemsThe basic Intuity package includes the main Automation Controller Module, one in-wall Command Center (iPad Mini not included) with an integrated intercom and digital audio zone, one power distribution module, one RFLC bridge, and one Z-Wave bridge. The Control Module easily mounts in Legrand structured wiring systems.

Intuity provides an easy-to-install and easy-to-use system for home builders and homeowners. Purchase your own Intuity system at Home Controls and get started on outfitting your home with the newest home automation system.

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    Amazing product! Apt name for the product.

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