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Powerline Control Systems (PCS), the developer of the UPC lighting control system and manufacturer of the UPC PulseWorx product collection, has released a new version of UPStart, Version 8.0 Build 24. This powerful Windows-based software application, along with a Powerline Interface Module (PIM), allows you to configure your UPB smart home system.

You can Download the new PCS UPStart here.
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The key changes in support of this are:

  • In the properties dialog for devices, there is now a “Remote Access” tab.
    • An icon and icon label are chosen to represent the device in remote applications when displaying the design.
  • Added a ribbon icon in the “Network” category, “Network Operations” panel labeled “Status All”.
    • This operation gets the status of all the devices in the design. Additionally if you multiply select more than one device and choose “Get Status” from the right-click popup menu a vastly improved dialog now displays the results.
  • The keypad LED indicator “Help” dialog was upgraded.
  • All of the dialogs that display tabular data now have the column widths saved from session to session.
  • An automatic patch when assigning a static IP address and updating the location table in all Gateways has been implemented.
  • Improved visual presentation when running on devices with high resolution displays.  During this process a number of visual display elements were also improved:
    • The status bar meter display improved.
    • The interface setup checklist and UPB device operations checklist now have higher resolution icons.
    • The keypad LED indicator tab selections display improved.
    • The text displayed in the UPB Interface Setup, Interface Type select dialog was enlarged.
    • The Log Viewer Entry display icons upgraded.
    • The Network Verify/Discover dialog upgraded.
    • Multi-Operation dialog upgraded.
    • The List View has higher resolution X and Check icons.

PCS PulseWorx UPB GatewayUPStart Version 8.0 Build 24 now supports the new PulseWorx UPB Gateway (PGW). The Gateway empowers the use of mobile devices, smart phones, and tablets to control the full line of a UPB smart home system.

Home Controls not only carries UPC products from PCS, but also from Leviton Security & Automation and Simply Automated, Inc. (SAI). UPStart is used to configure UPB programming for all these collections.

Home Controls UPB Services

If programming a UPB system is too complicated for you, yet you still want to take advantage of this powerline automation system, let Home Controls program your smart home for you. For a basic fee, our technical experts will pre-program the UPB devices that you purchase from Home Controls to meet your specifications. Just call us at 858-693-8887 and speak to one of our friendly customer service specialists.

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