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Illuminate your night with the most efficient night light you’ve ever heard of, and you’ll never have to replace the bulb again! Great for the bathroom, closet, kitchen and other areas that make toes go bump in the dark, our new line of motion-activated and touch-activated Enbrighten LED task lights from GE provide a lifetime of bright (or dimmed) room lighting with the perfect touch of intelligence.

Each LED task light in the Enbrighten collection is essentially a cross between a night light and a wall sconce. The indoor/outdoor light is available in a few different models, including motion-activated vs. touch-activated, battery-powered vs. plug-in, and white vs. nickel.

  • Motion- or touch-activated indoor/outdoor LEDs in white or nickel finishes
  • Great as night lights for kids or adults in any setting
  • 3-level dimming (Hi, Med, Low) from 100 to 10 percent
  • Ultra-efficient LED never needs to be replaced

Although these task lights are small, the spread of light is more than sufficient, and because they’re equivalent to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb, they’re bright too. If the light is too bright, you can toggle a little switch to choose from three different brightness levels. And no matter how bright you burn it, the light never burns out.

Popular Uses for Enbrighten LED Lights


  • Pantry or closet lighting that turns on when you open the door
  • Hallway night lights to help keep children safe
  • Dimmed bathroom night light that doesn’t wake others sleeping nearby


  • Camping trip lights that won’t fail
  • Dimmable patio lighting for elegant ambiance
  • Portable, handheld task light for reading, emergencies, etc.

More Places to Use Enbrighten LED Lights

  • Under cabinets
  • Workbench
  • Office desk
  • Laundry room
  • Utility room
  • Child’s bedroom
  • Entryway
  • Patio table
  • Outdoor walkway
  • Boat, RV, etc.

Featured Enbrighten LED Task Lights

Enbrighten LED Motion-Sensing Task Light (Battery)

Place a long-lasting motion-sensing light wherever you need it! The GE Enbrighten LED Motion Sensing Task Light (Battery-Powered) is a portable indoor/outdoor LED light that automatically turns on when motion is detected up to 15 feet away, and turns off after 5 minutes when motion has ceased.

Enbrighten LED Touch-Activated Task Light (Battery)

When you need convenient lighting, just reach over and touch the GE Enbrighten LED Touch Activated Task Light (Battery-Powered). This touch-activated indoor/outdoor light sits on a tabletop with its fold-out stand, or can be optionally mounted. Simply touch the light to turn it on and off. If you leave it on, the light automatically turns off after 1 hour to conserve energy.

GE Enbrighten LED Motion Sensing Task Light (Plug-In)

Perfect for hallways, bathrooms and more, the GE Enbrighten LED Motion Sensing Task Light (Plug-In) provides convenient motion-activated lighting whenever you need it. Simply plug the light into a power outlet. The light elegantly covers the entire outlet to create a clean, integrated appearance.

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