Nuvo Software Update Streamlines the Home Audio Experience

Product Update

NuVo Wireless

Nuvo has created an elegant wireless audio system for home media centers and professional environments. By using a wireless player, gateway device, and the Nuvo Player app, you can control audio distribution throughout your home. Nuvo’s wireless devices, controlled via the Nuvo Player app, utilize a WiFi network to stream music and audio throughout the home.

Recently, the Nuvo Player app has been given greater connectivity with its newest update: allowing you to directly connect your wireless players to your router without the needing a Nuvo Gateway device to act as a bridge. This makes pairing and using your devices much easier than before, and cheaper too! This update allows for setup easier for current Nuvo users and greatly reduces the entry cost for potential newcomers.

However, this update does not render the Nuvo gateway obsolete or useless. It can be used to segregate your audio distribution devices from the rest of your WiFi network. This will keep your network from being overburdened by too many devices.

So far, only Nuvo’s P100 and P200 wireless players, as well as the P300 Player Preamplifier can connect directly to your home router. The P3100 and P3500 professional players as of yet do not benefit from this update. The P100, P200, and P300 are WiFi certified and can connect to any dual band router.

Nuvo’s product lines center on creating unparalleled whole home audio systems for amazing audio quality. Their products are compatible with the latest streaming services and allow for intuitive controls through your smartphone or tablet. Nuvo systems offer one of the best home audio experiences that are fit for any home.

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