How To Control Your Christmas Lights The Smart Way

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When the holidays roll around, many people get creative with their Christmas lights by controlling them with home automation products. These festive smart homeowners turn their Christmas lights on and off with simple plug-in timers. If you want greater control of your holiday lights, then how about a just-as-simple remote control system from Home Controls? Here are a few options that allow you to control your indoor and outdoor holiday decorations!

(And at the end of the holiday season, you can keep using these devices to control regular household lamps and appliances for smart home automation all year long!)

SkylinkHome Lighting Basic Starter Kit

SkylinkHome Lighting Basic Starter KitThis easy to install, entry-level kit comes with a push-button remote that controls the included plug-in module. Plug the module into the outlet behind your tree, and then plug your tree into the module – and presto – you are all done. You can easily expand on this system with additional SkylinkHome devices to really customize your home.

This is the system that Home Controls uses to turn the lights on and off on our Christmas tree, located in our office lobby.

You can easily add the SkylinkHome outdoor plug-in lamp/appliance module to control your outdoor Christmas lights, too!

For advanced control, add the SkylinkHome Internet Hub so you can control your holiday lights when you are not even home – with your cell phone! Did you forget to turn the lights off when you left the house? Now you can turn them off, and possibly prevent a fire! (A router and Internet connection are required.)

X10 Wireless Keychain Remote Starter Kit

X10 Wireless Key Chain Remote Starter KitRemotely control any plug-in lamp, plus a second plug-in appliance (such as Christmas tree or your outside lights), with the X10 Wireless Keychain Remote Starter Kit. The kit comes with a keychain remote that provides wireless control for both the included Lamp Module and Transceiver Module. Simply plug your lights, your trees, or dancing snowmen into the modules, and plug the modules into power outlets. Your devices will then respond to commands sent by the keychain remote!

  • Keychain remote provides wireless control for two modules
  • Lamp Module supports one incandescent lamp up to 300W
  • Transceiver Module supports one light or appliance up to 500W/15A
  • Both modules plug into standard power outlets
  • Plug-n-play, no wiring required

NOTE: Lamp Modules support non-dimming incandescent lamps ONLY. Not suitable for other types of lamps such as fluorescent or energy-saving lamps, low voltage lamps, or lamps that include a dimmer control.

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