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Let’s be honest here: buying home automation products as holiday gifts can be difficult. Buying practical gifts for a friend or family member is always a gamble. You would have to know someone well – I mean, really well – to be able to buy them an accessory for their Omni automation control system, or the tool they need for their NuTone central vacuum system, or the appropriate sensor for their ELK M1 security system. Yes, finding stocking stuffers for these elaborate automation systems can be a challenge.

So the Christmas elves at Home Controls have been busy compiling a list of products that can make your holiday shopping much easier. We’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide for everyone on the Nice List. Our collection of gifts are perfect for expert and amateur home owners alike, whether they use an integrated home automation system or not.
This post highlights gifts that make everyone’s life more convenient – products that solve a unique need in your home, or I admit products you didn’t know you need, but can’t live without:

Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit

Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch KitLess than $65! Add the convenience of extra indoor wall switches wherever needed, without installing additional wiring. The SAV3WAYA Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit is ideal for use in stairwells, entrance ways, garages, children’s rooms and basements. It can be placed at a low height for convenient light control from bedside, chairside or wheelchair. Excellent for Universal Design applications! The control signal travels along existing power lines, eliminating the need for additional wiring.

Surge Protector with Rotating Outlets (& USB Ports!)

360 Electrical PowerCurve 7-Outlet Surge Protector with USB ChargingLess than $35! With the 360 Electrical PowerCurve 7-Outlet Surge Protector, you no longer have to cover up outlets with large, bulky plugs! This surge protector plugs into an existing outlet, providing five surge-protected power outlets and two surge-protected USB ports. The five AC power outlets rotate 360 degrees in either direction to make room for large, bulky plugs, like that of a cell phone charger. Just plug in one device and turn the outlet to make room for a second, then third, fourth and more!

SkylinkNet Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Security Camera

Less than $110! Install the Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera and monitor your home or business from your smartphone! Specifically designed for quick DIY setup, this wireless IP camera sends high definition footage to your Internet-connected mobile device. Just install the app and the camera is ready to be controlled and viewed with your phone. Remote surveillance has never been easier.

We have a lot more gift ideas online at You can also check out our blog throughout the holidays as we feature other great home automation, security and networking products.

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