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Unlock your door with the convenience of Bluetooth when you replace your traditional deadbolt with the Kwikset Kevo Signature Series Bluetooth Deadbolt. Whether you want to use your Bluetooth smartphone or the included Bluetooth keyfob as your wireless key, you can stop fumbling for a turnkey and just tap this touch-activated lock to unlock the door! And in case your phone or fob isn’t available, you can always use a traditional turnkey as your backup.

  • Lock/unlock your door with the tap of a finger or a turnkey
  • Touch-access granted only in presence of an authorized Bluetooth device
  • Allows multiple authorized users through shareable “eKeys”
  • BumpGuard prevents lock bumping (picking) at keyhole
  • Military grade PKI encryption ensures reliable security
  • Replaces existing door hardware with just a screwdriver

How It Works

From the Outside:

The Kevo Deadbolt primarily works by responding to skin contact. When you’re outside at the lock’s exterior, you’ll lock/unlock the deadbolt by tapping its metal face with your finger. If the Kevo detects the presence of a Bluetooth device that has an authorized virtual “eKey” (two included), the deadbolt will lock/unlock when you touch it. You can keep your phone in your purse or pocket, for example, and use your hand to lock/unlock the door without taking out your phone.

In order for the deadbolt to respond to your touch, your Bluetooth device must be turned on and in direct line of sight with the deadbolt, no more than 5 feet away. When using a smartphone as your key, the Kevo Mobile App will need to be running (at least in the background) and your phone will need to have Bluetooth turned on. When using the Bluetooth keyfob, the fob simply needs to be turned on.

When the Kevo does not detect the presence of an authorized Bluetooth device outside, it will not unlock in response to touch, and the only way to unlock it from outside is manually with a traditional turnkey (two included).

From the Inside:

When you’re inside your home at the lock’s interior, the Kevo Deadbolt must be locked/unlocked manually using its traditional thumbturn. Bluetooth touch-access is not available from indoors.

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