M&S Systems Adds Bluetooth To DMC1 Intercom

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M&S DMC1 Music & Intercom System Bluetooth Player

Expand your M&S music and intercom system with wireless Bluetooth streaming by adding the M&S DMC1 Music & Intercom System Bluetooth Player. Designed to install below the master station (DMC1 or DMC3-4), the Bluetooth player is an optional peripheral component that allows you not only to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device through your music and intercom system, but also allows you to connect any device that uses a 3.5mm plug, such as an MP3 player, CD player, etc.

  • Enables wireless Bluetooth streaming for DMC systems
  • 3.5mm jack accepts any audio device that allows a 3.5mm connection
  • Built-in microphones and speaker provide Bluetooth speakerphone
  • USB port with slide-out shelf offers convenient charging station

With two built-in microphones and a speaker, the Bluetooth player also serves as a speakerphone that can be used if a phone call is received by a Bluetooth-connected phone. Up to eight wireless Bluetooth devices can be paired, and the maximum wireless range is about 35 feet.

The player also features a USB-A port (power only) for charging your smartphone, MP3 player or other device even while music is playing. A spring-loaded, mini slide-out shelf is built into the front of the Bluetooth Player to hold your mobile device while it is charging or directly connected to the player.

The M&S DMC1 Music & Intercom System Bluetooth Player comes in White, Almond and Black.

The new M&S Bluetooth Player is a great add-on to an existing DMC1 intercom system. If you are considering installing a brand new DMC1 intercom system, then review the M&S DMC1 Music & Intercom System Package, which includes all the major components for a four-room home intercom. The kit is available in White only.

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