Improved BlueSpray Sprinkler Controller Works in More Homes

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Even when you’re on the go, you can take control of your sprinkler system and save water with the latest smart irrigation controller from BlueSpray, now available at Home Controls.

The previous BlueSpray controller was a hit, and the upgraded model is in position to become just as popular, boasting new features as well as new connectivity options that make it accessible to a wider population of homeowners. If you didn’t pick up the original model (or you have some extra cash for an upgrade), you’ll want to check out the new version for sure.

A Brief Intro to BlueSpray

BlueSpray irrigation controllers (old and new) are awesome because they connect to the Internet and allow you to control your sprinkler system from anywhere you have Internet access. The BlueSpray controller easily replaces a standard sprinkler system controller and interfaces with a free online account, where you can access a whole range of custom settings.

Standard BlueSpray Benefits:

  • Control sprinklers from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Create custom watering schedules for each season
  • Automatically adjust watering for rain or cold weather
  • Works with any standard sprinkler system
  • Can integrate into a smart home automation system

Upgraded Features

The revamped BlueSpray controller is designed to offer the same convenient controls, plus more. You can now expand the system up to 64 zones (formerly limited to 24) with the upgraded expansion module, and you have the option of connecting a flow sensor when used with the new BlueSpray Flow Sensor Reader. The irrigation controller also now comes with the BlueSpray garage door controller (so you don’t have to purchase it separately), which allows you to automatically close your garage door when the sprinklers turn on.

The new irrigation controller is available in two different models. The basic model has built-in Wi-Fi like the original, while the advanced model offers not only a Wi-Fi connection, but also the option to connect via Ethernet or a USB cellular dongle (such as a 3G/4G dongle you can get from your cell phone carrier). So even if you don’t have reliable Wi-Fi at home, you can now use BlueSpray without it!

  • Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular USB dongle
  • Supports optional sensors and expansion up to 64 zones
  • Now comes with the BlueSpray garage door controller
  • Includes new firmware version 2.0 pre-installed

View the new BlueSpray collection at Home Controls:

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