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Channel Vision Can Now Play Music from Your Android Phone

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Channel Vision On-Wall Dock for AndroidThe A-BUS and Crescendo audio systems from Channel Vision distribute superior sound quality, allowing for music, radio, and even intercom messages to be heard throughout your home on one connected system. Now, with the new Channel Vision On-Wall Dock for Android, you can also connect and stream audio from your Android phone to your Channel Vision audio system.

The new On-Wall Dock uses Bluetooth to pair your Android phone with the docking station, giving you wireless streaming capabilities and remote control of your home audio system. Whenever a paired Android phone comes within range, it automatically connects to the dock and allows you to play audio from your phone throughout your home. From there, you can control audio on your Android phone through other connected stations in your home. You can also plug your phone into the docking station to charge it and stream music simultaneously.

The On-Wall Dock for Android takes priority over any other audio source while your phone is within 33 feet of it. Other system audio sources will turn off until the On-Wall Dock is turned off or disconnected. Once you and your phone move out of range, the On-Wall Dock will automatically unpair your phone and then power down.

Two versions of the new On-Wall Dock are available. Be sure to check which On-Wall Dock you are selecting for your home audio system, as the A-BUS dock will only work with A-BUS systems, and the Crescendo dock will only work with Crescendo systems.

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