X10’s New Powerline Repeater Strengthens Your X10 System

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Just released in October, the Powerline Command Repeater (PLC01) is X10’s newest signal strengthening device. Integrated into your existing wired system, the Powerline Command Repeater extends the range of X10 signals sent by your X10 devices.

The Powerline Repeater is the first of its kind amongst X10’s catalog. Unlike the TM751 Wireless Transceiver, which converts wireless signals into X10 powerline signals, the Powerline Command Repeater increases the range of X10 transmitters by repeating the signal along your power lines. The Powerline Repeater passes signals along your existing power lines from transmitting remotes or controllers to the appropriate receivers.

  • Repeats X10 powerline signals, extending the range of transmitters and receivers.
  • Plugs into standard outlets
  • Includes a built-in standard outlet on the bottom
  • Best used in large homes as a middle point between transmitters and receivers.

The Powerline Command Repeater is best used in large homes as a central point between receivers and devices using the X10 signals. The unit also features an electrical pass through that keeps it from blocking an additional outlet so it doesn’t use up an outlet.

As part of the X10 Pro series, the Powerline Command Repeater strengthens X10’s wired communication technology. X10 home automation gadgets have been around since 1978; as they are known for their easy to use and inexpensive devices. Their reliable and affordable devices have helped them contend with other rival manufacturers and protocols. With their new Powerline Repeater, wired technology is more accessible and affordable for X10 customers.

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