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PCS PulseWorx Title 24 4-Channel TimerHave you ever wished the new California Title 24 lighting control requirements were easier to meet? Well your wish has been granted. Now available through Home Controls, the new Title 24 4-Channel Timer made by PCS (Powerline Control Systems) offers the all-in-one Title 24 solution that installers have been waiting for.

The simple yet fully programmable wall-box timer lets you add configurable control to four individual circuits, making it fast and easy to add energy-efficient control to a large number of loads with just one device. While the timer’s most basic function is to provide scheduled On/Off control based on sunrise/sunset with a day-of-week or calendar day option, each of the timer’s four channels supports use as either an output or input, and even configuration as an occupancy sensor, switch, or demand response input. Plus, if you connect the optional Receiving Module accessory, the timer can provide multi-level control (dimming) to meet requirements for dimmable LED fixtures.

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Meets ALL requirements of:

  • Title 24 Type C: Multi-Level Astronomical Time Switch Control
  • Title 24 Type D: Outdoor Astronomical Time-Switch Controls

To fully meet these requirements, the timer supports an array of configurations for each individual channel. Features include:

  • Schedules up to 250 timed events per channel
  • On/Off circuit control, or multi-level control using T24 0-10V Receiving Modules
  • Manual control with 2-hour override via front panel buttons
  • Occupancy sensor, on/off switch, and demand response inputs supported
  • Control by schedule when inputs like occupancy sensors are enabled or disabled
  • Astronomical time-switch control
  • Offset On and Off for each channel at least 99 min +/- sunrise or sunset
  • Sunrise/sunset accuracy to 15 minutes via configured location and current date
  • Timekeeping accuracy 2.62 min/year
  • Auto daylight savings time adjust
  • 7-day Weekly Mode or Calendar Mode with holidays
  • 20-year calendar for choosing the schedule in use each day
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