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Nuvo Series Speakers

Bring luxurious audio into your home by adopting the latest speaker technology from Nuvo, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade whole-home audio systems. Perfect for your home theater or any room included in your audio system, the just-released Nuvo Series Two, Four, and Six in-ceiling and in-wall frameless speakers give homeowners the chance to experience the most cutting-edge audio reproduction technology that Nuvo has yet to invent. And they look gorgeous too.

About Nuvo Series Two, Four and Six Speakers

All speakers in the Nuvo Series Two, Four, and Six collection offer pro-grade quality for the most exquisite home audio applications. With good, better, and best options in the collection, each Series presents its own unique, meticulously crafted design. Choose the Series that suits you best.

Nuvo Series TwoGOOD: Series Two

  • Silk dome tweeters
  • Polypropylene woofers
  • 86dB efficiency
  • 50 Watts RMS (100W peak)
  • Stands out for deep bass and smooth highs

Nuvo Series FourBETTER: Series Four

  • Aluminum dome tweeters
  • Kevlar/Glass fiber woofers
  • 88dB efficiency
  • 75 Watts RMS (150W peak)
  • Stands out for minimal distortion and bright sound

Nuvo Series SixBEST: Series Six

  • Titanium dome tweeters
  • Kevlar/Carbon fiber weave woofers
  • 89dB efficiency
  • 100 Watts RMS (200W peak)
  • Stands out for deep/tight bass, lifelike vocals, crystal-clear highs


With common 8-ohm impedance, all of these speakers can be driven by nearly any amplifier. They all feature pivoting tweeter(s) with a unique tweeter bridge that both improves sound quality and doubles as an installation handle. The speakers also have only three dog-leg clamps (as opposed to the typical four) for uncommonly easy, quick installation. What’s more, these speakers include elegant bezel-less, rimless magnetic speaker grills that are paintable with removable scrim cloths. When you want beautiful sound and a beautiful system, choose Nuvo speakers for your audio installation.

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  1. The NUVO In-Ceiling speakers are designed to perform and look great. This 8″ model has silk dome tweeters and poly woofers, and is finished beautifully with a completely rimless, magnetic grill. They also offer quick and secure installation by utilizing three dog legs, instead of the usual four, and includes pivioting tweeters. These tweeters are connected to a unique tweeter bridge that maximizes sound quality, looks great, and serves as a handle to hold the speaker by during installation.

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