Forget Keys. Unlock Your Front Door with Bluetooth Access Control.

Imagine you return home and realize you don’t have your door key to get inside. What do you do? Break into your own house? Nope, not to worry, simply pull out your Bluetooth smartphone and unlock your door using an app.

Or what if you’re having guests come by to check on your house while you’re away, and you don’t have a spare key to lend? Easy solution: send a virtual e-key to their Bluetooth smartphone, and invite them to download a special app that lets them open your door without a key.bekeyorangebox (1)

This is the beauty of the new Bluetooth Access Control Receiver made by Bekey. The Bekey OrangeBox Bluetooth Access Control Receiver turns your smartphone into a smart key using Bluetooth!

Easily Manage Access for Guests (Like Your AirBnB Tenants)

Nowadays, more and more devices are connected or controlled via smartphones or tablets, and the same can now be applied to your doors and locks. As long as you have a Bluetooth mobile device, you’ll have control over who can access your home.

The Bekey Bluetooth receiver connects to a door access control system, like a simple electric door strike, allowing you to unlock the door with Bluetooth. It’s perfect for managing access to your home or business for guests too. Property owners who rent out their homes for timeshares or AirBnB can use the Bekey OrangeBox to easily distribute virtual Bluetooth e-keys to their tenants, and delete the keys when the tenants leave.


How the Bluetooth Receiver Protects Your Home

The Access Control Receiver uses Bekey’s NETKEY web service to manage the number and usage of keys sent to friends and family. You can schedule when certain keys can be used, review the history of the receiver being used, and assign and restrict keys on the fly. The Access Control Receiver and the NETKEY service are secured by a reliable 256-bit encryption, preventing anyone from stealing keys to your home or business.


Where to Buy the Bekey Bluetooth Access Control Receiver

If you’re interested in having your own Bekey OrangeBox Access Control Receiver, you can purchase it from with free tech support included.

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  1. With raise in information technology, people are becoming more technology addicts and thus they always opt for a more reliable locking system for all their properties. From home to office, everything is getting automated with high security systems. This post is one such example for the same.

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