Nortek Bridges the Gap Between Zigbee and Z-Wave

One of the largest Z-Wave manufacturers in home automation, Nortek Security & Control, has recently joined the Zigbee Alliance and will begin to add Zigbee devices and support to their product lines to reach more business and retail clients. This move allows Nortek to access a huge market of potential customers in the coming months. It also adds an influential company to Zigbee’s expanding list of partners.


A key factor in Nortek’s decision was the use of Zigbee technology within utility and telecommunication companies. While Z-Wave devices have been the main go-to protocol for home automation, Zigbee has established itself as the premium choice for clients in regards to energy management solutions. Zigbee smart energy meters in particular have become the unofficial standard for utility and communication businesses over the past six years.

Who is Nortek?

Nortek Security & Control has been a staple within the home automation market for the past 50 years, now owning brands such as 2GIG, Linear, and M&S Systems. Their product catalog stretches across multiple markets, providing security, health, and entertainment solutions to thousands of customers worldwide.

What Does Nortek Joining Zigbee Mean For You?

So how will this partnership affect smart home enthusiasts and installers? The most appealing result can come in the form of compatibility between Nortek and Zigbee devices. New Nortek products could come with Zigbee compatibility pre-installed, or introduce an adapter or module to add Nortek devices to pre-existing Zigbee systems and vice versa. This includes adding 2GIG, Linear, and M&S Systems devices to your Zigbee home security and automation systems.

Home Controls is excited to see what this new alliance between Nortek and Zigbee will bring to our customers. If you’re looking to start up or expand your own Z-Wave or Zigbee home network, Home Controls offers low prices and great deals for Nortek, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and thousands more smart home products.

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