New Industry Standard Apprenticeship In Development

At CEDIA EXPO 2016, it was announced that the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills approved a plan for a standardized apprenticeship program to introduce young, talented upstarts to the smart home technology industry. This new government funded program will streamline the hiring and training process for employers and ensure that the training new hires receive includes essential skills needed to smoothly enter and improve the industry.

Why is this newsworthy?

With public interest in smart home technology growing, manufacturers and employers recognize the shortage of qualified technicians and engineers and the difficulty in training potential hires to enter the smart home technology workforce. Fortunately, members of CEDIA, an international trade association specializing in home installation and technology, gathered together to address the problem of hiring and training new employees.

Ten CEDIA members created a trailblazer group, a focus group to develop a new innovative product or service, to propose a plan for a standardized apprenticeship program that will make hiring and training new employees easy and ensure they learn valuable skills to adapt to their new job field. This program will be created by home automation companies and experts and funded by the government to increase the number of jobs in the home automation industry.

What does this mean for home automation?

The decision to create a standardized program to train new engineers will benefit both employers and employees. Building an approved standardized apprenticeship will ensure new employees receive high quality lessons and skill sets and employers receive strong new additions to their companies, improving the industry as a whole.

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