Top Smart Home Gifts of 2016

Christmas will soon be upon us and we have plenty of gift ideas to make the lives of your friends and loved ones easier and safer. Don’t even think about shopping for socks, neckties, or tacky home decor – those types of gifts can be a bit boring. Instead, shop for smart and practical gifts that will be appreciated for years to come. Shop at Home Controls, where you’ll find the best home automation products available.

Below, you’ll find various home automation products that when given as gifts, will easily produce plenty of “Oohs!” “Wows!” and “Thank yous!”

Kwikset Kevo Signature Series Bluetooth Deadbolt

No more fumbling for keys to unlock the door, instead use the power of Bluetooth technology with the Kwikset Kevo Signature Series Bluetooth Deadbolt. This deadbolt can be opened via a Bluetooth smartphone, Bluetooth keyfob (wireless key), or a backup traditional turnkey. It can even be opened with the touch of a finger, as long as it detects the presence of a Bluetooth device with an authorized virtual “eKey”. Keep a phone in a pocket or purse and touch the lock to unlock it.

Evolve Roadrunner II Standard Showerhead

Give the gift that will help save money and the planet with the Evolve Roadrunner II Standard Showerhead. This fantastic showerhead will save up to a gallon of water for every minute spent in the shower. It features ShowerStart technology, which means it will conserve water while the shower is warming up. It also has an attractive design with a chrome polish to perfectly match just about any shower design.

Add-A-Motor Drapery Motor For Existing Drapery

There’s an easier way to open and close draperies and vertical blinds with the Add-A-Motor Drapery Motor For Existing Drapery. With a quiet motor and easy installation that only takes about 15 minutes, window coverings will automatically open and close on a schedule. This is a great gift to enhance home security by giving an “at-home” look all while eliminating the daily chore of manually opening and closing window coverings.

Fibaro The Button Z-Wave Scene Controller

Home owners with Z-Wave products will definitely appreciate the Fibaro The Button Z-Wave Scene Controller as a gift because it will activate or deactivate any device or scene within a Z-Wave network. Imagine having a button that when pressed once, will lock the doors, set the alarm, and turn off the lights – how cool is that? You get that with The Button, plus, it’s wireless and can be mounted anywhere in a home, such as on a nightstand for an easier way to shut down home for the night.

Skylink Long Range Household Alert Garage Alert Set

Help add another layer of security to a large home by giving the Skylink Long Range Household Alert Garage Alert Set as a gift. This garage alert set has long range functionality, which means the garage door sensor downstairs will have the ability to signal the receiver if it’s placed in a bedroom located upstairs. It has an operating range of up to 800 feet and will send alerts by flashing, beeping, or sounding the alarm.

Dakota Alert LED Security Floodlight With Motion Sensor

Give the gift of light with the Dakota Alert LED Security Floodlight With Motion Sensor. Small, yet powerful, this outdoor floodlight has a built-in motion sensor that will turn on automatically when it senses activity. It’s powered by a 120V, 60Hz power supply and will lasts up to 50,000 hours; plus, it only consumes 25 Watts all while producing bright light. It will be a fantastic gift that offers another layer of home security.


Presto Computerless E-Mail Printing Mailbox

If you have a friend or loved one who doesn’t use a computer, but still wants to receive emails, photos, and documents, the Presto Computerless E-Mail Printing Mailbox is the perfect gift for that person. No Internet or computer is needed. When the Printing Mailbox receives a message from a loved one, it will automatically print it out – it’s that easy and convenient. By giving this device as a gift, snail mail will be a thing of the past.

For more gift ideas, please visit Home Controls where you’ll find numerous home automation products that will make homes smarter and lives easier. Remember, you really can’t go wrong with giving the gift of home automation.

Happy holidays and well wishes from Home Controls!

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