Simple Home Security Checklist

Have you ever wondered if your home is as safe and secure as it could be? Or, have you been thinking about adding a home security system to your property but are not really sure if the investment is worth it? To help answer these questions, we put together a Simple Home Security Checklist to see what areas of your property could use the extra security. If you answer “no” to any of the questions below, you’ll want to take action to improve your home security.

Home Security Checklist

Exterior Doors

  • Are all the doors locked at night or anytime you’re away from the house, even if it’s just for a few minutes? Yes or No.
  • Are the doors solid hardwood or metal-clad? Yes or No.
  • Do the doors feature wide-angle peepholes, and are they at heights everyone can use? Yes or No.
  • If there are glass panels near or in the doors, are they reinforced in a way to keep them from shattering? Yes. or No.
  • Do all entryways have a working keyed entry lock with a solid deadbolt lock installed in the frame of the door? Yes or No.
  • Are spare keys kept with trusted neighbors or friends and not under doormats, in planters, or in mail boxes? Yes or No.

Garage and Sliding Door

  • Is the door leading from the garage to the house solid wood or metal clad, and does it have a keyed lock and deadbolt? Yes or No.
  • Is there a lock on the overhead garage door so that you don’t solely rely on the automatic door opener to provide security? Yes or No.
  • Are the garage doors locked when leaving the house? Yes or No.
  • Does the sliding glass door have a strong, working key lock? Yes or No.
  • Is a dowel or a pin being used to secure the glass door to prevent it from being shoved aside or lifted off the track? Yes or No.
  • Is the sliding door locked every night and each time you leave the house? Yes or No.

Window Protection

  • Does every window in the house have a working key lock? Is every window securely pinned? Yes or No.
  • Are all the windows locked, including windows that are slightly opened for ventilation? Yes or No
  • If you have window sensors in place, are they working properly? Yes or No

Outdoor Security

  • Are all shrubs, bushes, and tree-tops trimmed so there are no places for criminals to hide? Yes or No.
  • Are there any dark areas within the property, near or around the house or garage where strangers could hide? Yes or No.
  • Does every outside door have a bright, working light? Yes or No.
  • Are floodlights properly being used to illuminate dark areas? Yes or No.
  • Are the outdoor lights on in the evening, whether or not anyone is at home. Have you added outdoor security lights with motion detection? Yes or No.

Away From Home Security

  • Are there at least two lights set with timers to turn on and off in logical sequence when you’re away from the house? Yes or No.
  • Is the home security system on when you’re away from the house. Yes or No.
  • Have arrangements been made with friends or loved ones to pick up the mail when planning on being away for long periods of time. Yes or No.
  • Have arrangements been made with friends or loved ones to tend to the yard or watch the house when planning on being away for long periods of time. Yes or No.

Outdoor Valuables and Personal Property

  • Are gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors locked with laminated padlocks? Yes or No.
  • Are gate latches, garage doors, and shed doors locked after every use? Yes or No.
  • Is the grill, lawn mower, and other valuables locked in the garage or shed? If left out in the open, are they covered with a tarp or hidden from view and securely locked to a stationary point? Yes or No.
  • Are all bicycles secured with a quality padlock, chain, or U-bar lock. Yes or No.
  • Are all bicycles locked even when not in use? Yes or No.
  • Are firearms stored unloaded and locked in storage boxes and secured with trigger guard locks? Yes or No.

If you’re interested in adding a home security system to your property we can help. Just call our toll free number at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday). Home Controls is always happy to offer free support and product advice.

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