The NuBryte Touchpoint Is An All-In-One Smart Home System

NuBryte has changed the way home automation technology is being integrated into homes by offering a streamlined device that combines a variety of smart home features to make life at home easier: The NuBryte Touchpoint.

As an all-in-one smart home system, the NuBryte Touchpoint provides lighting control, home security, intercom functionality, and several home management tools such as a family calendar, energy monitor, and weather reporting. With so many smart home features available in one easy-to-use console, the NuBryte Touchpoint can easily turn any modern home into a smart home.

It’s as easy to install as changing a light switch! All you have to do is replace any existing light switch with the NuBryte Touchpoint console in any room you want to make smart. For example, kitchens, entertainment rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are excellent places to consider since they’re rooms that are typically used the most. It’s also designed with an attractive 5 inch, 16:19 TFT LCD touch screen console that will certainly upgrade the look of any room’s decor. The NuBryte Touchpoint works with WiFi connectivity, which means you won’t have to worry about running Ethernet cable to it. All of the smart home features can be controlled and managed directly on the touchscreen console or by using a smartphone via the NuBryte App, keeping you connected at any time from anywhere.

Easy Installation

As far as installation goes it’s fairly simple because the NuBryte Touchpoint replaces your existing light switches (one and two gang options are available). You won’t need to worry about doing major wiring work either since it’s specifically designed to be an easy DIY installation that can take as little as 5 minutes to install, depending on your experience. You’ll also need a smartphone and WiFi connectivity (wireless WiFi router) in order to install it.

NuBryte Touchpoint Smart Home Features

NuBryte Lighting Control

There are advanced lighting features to look forward to, which include Morning Light, Vacation Light, Welcome Light, Bedtime, Night Light, Easy Off, and Complete Home Control. With NuBryte advanced lighting features, you’ll be able to wake up naturally in the morning as the lights slowly brighten or fall asleep peacefully at night as they slowly dim. You can have your lights automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave. You can even have your lights act as nightlights, providing dimmed, soft light as you walk from room to room at night. If you’re planning to take a long vacation you won’t have to worry about leaving your home in the dark because you’ll be able to simulate your daily lighting behaviors to make it seem as though someone is at home, adding an extra level of home security.

NuBryte Home Security

Equipped with a built-in camera (wide angle) and motion detector, the NuBryte Touchpoint can also be used as a home security system. When triggered it will sound an alarm and flash your home lights. The video camera will also record the activity and send a live video feed to your smartphone, where you’ll be able to view what’s happening in your home so you can assess the situation and call for help if needed. Unlike other security systems that can charge up to $50 a month for a subscription, there are no monthly fees or contracts using NuBryte Home Security – it’s completely free.

NuBryte Smart Life

The NuBryte Touchpoint offers various home management tools to make life easier for the entire family.

  • Intercom: You and your family will be able to communicate easier between rooms without yelling by using the intercom functionality. Just make sure to add the NuBryte Touchpoint to any room you want to communicate with and before you know it, you’ll have an easy intercom system that the whole family can use.
  • Family Calendar: You can get rid of the sticky notes on your refrigerator because with the NuBryte Touchpoint you’ll be able to manage your family’s appointments, practices, meetings, and other family obligations a lot easier and more efficiently.
  • Weather Alerts: See what the temperature and humidity is of the room the NuBryte Touchpoint is located in. Find out what the temperature is outside and get a glimpse of what the 24-hour or 5-day forecast looks like so you can plan ahead.
  • Energy Monitor: Receive daily and weekly reports and see how much money you spend on energy per day. You’ll even receive tips for how you and your family can make better energy choices in the future to lower your next utility bill.

The NuBryte Touchpoint provides many innovative smart home features in one single device and is priced far below other home automation systems. It truly is the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking for a simple and affordable way to add smart home technology to their homes.

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