34% Off: Zipato Z-Wave RGBW LED Light Bulb

The Zipato Z-Wave RGBW LED Light Bulb is now 34% off at Home Controls. Shop now before our inventory runs out!

This dimmable Z-Wave bulb features five adjustable color channels (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, and Cold White) so you can create thousands of different colors for various lighting events in your system. Have the bulb glow red when a security alarm is triggered or have it glow green when a package delivery has been made. You can literally have the bulb glow in just about any color you want or use it in a regular white or yellow hue. The Zipato Z-Wave RGBW bulb can be controlled with a compatible Z-Wave RGBW controller or with a smartphone using the Zipato smart home app.

Add it to your smart home today and save even more on your next utility bill because this bulb consumes only 6.7 Watts. The Zipato Z-Wave RGBW LED Light Bulb has an A19 shape and can replace a 60 Watt incandescent bulb by screwing into any standard light socket with an E27 base. 

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