IP Door Video Intercom Systems: Tales from the Trenches

Nowadays, there are a whole slew of IP capable Video Door Intercom systems that allow you to see and communicate with a visitor once they press the doorbell to your home. In most cases, the device would even notify/alert you if someone comes by your door. In fact, Ring, one of our vendors has a bunch of pictures posted on their site sent by user’s pictures pulled from recordings that the Ring cloud service provides.

Inside the home, Video Door Intercom systems like the Ring would also include a chime module which will sound off when the doorbell is pressed. These are typically wireless chimes. Hence, no wiring is required and they are very easy to install. Range limitations for these chimes are around 100’ (open air) from the door station. An overwhelming majority of homes will have no problem with Ring as their Video Door Intercom system. It connects to the network via Wifi and gets its power from the existing door chime transformer.

However, in a couple of my installations, Wifi was not an option for web connectivity. One owner was adamant that all web connections will be via ethernet cable. The other owner was ok with Wifi but wanted a video door station at the gate which is at least to 200’ away. So, what to do?

Doorbell Fon, one of our vendors, had the solution for me when they recently introduced the iDoorbell Fon IP Video Door Station (ACDP68S ). It connects to your network via Wifi or Ethernet which is exactly what these installs needed – a wired connection to the web. The camera has a wide-angle with IR for night time viewing. An added bonus is its built-in capability for access/lock control. It also comes with 2 wireless chimes – a plug-in and battery-powered. Further testing also showed that the streaming video from the camera can be recorded and viewed from the NVR app. That’s a big plus since the camera can now be a part of a full blown video security system. For those who don’t have an NVR, the device can handle an SD card up to 64 GB for standalone recording. All recordings can be viewed from the free app.

This new product can only be supplied by Home Controls through a Home Controls Installation Dealer. Give us a call at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday)  and we’ll get you setup with a local installer.

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