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Troubleshooting Your Skylink Universal Garage Door Opener

Programming the Skylink Universal Garage Door Opener (keypad entry model 89 and remote model 39) has proven to be a challenge for a lot of our customers, and in most cases, it always has to do with 4 reasons:

  1. Compatibility issues
  2. Set the frequency switch on the transmitter
  3. Setting the Brand Jumpers for transmitters with dip switches
  4. Creating a custom code too early in the programming stage of the Skylink Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad Entry Transmitter (model 89)

Compatibility Issues
This is one of the easiest issues to remedy. On our product pages we provide a Brand Compatibility Chart. It lists the compatible Brands, the Manuf. Year, and the Frequency. Before purchasing a transmitter, we recommend that you check this list first to make sure the brand of your garage door motor is listed. We’ve had a lot customers skip this step, which unfortunately leads to a return or an exchange for different transmitter. We don’t mind helping you with this process, but it’s a situation that can easily be avoided by checking the Brand Compatibility Chart first.

Setting the Frequency Switch on the Transmitter
In order for the transmitter to signal the garage door motor to work, both devices have to be on the same frequency.

  • You’ll need to set the correct frequency on your transmitter. Both the keypad entry and remote transmitter have a Frequency Switch on the top of the transmitter – there will be four different options to select: A, B, C, or D.
  • Determine the brand of your garage door opener (Sears, Stanley, Chamberlain, etc.)
  • Look at the diagram in the manual under “Step 1 – SET FREQUENCY SWITCH” and see what letter option (A, B, C, or D) corresponds to the brand. So if the letter D is next to your brand, set the Frequency Switch on your transmitter to the letter D.

Setting the Brand Jumpers for Transmitters with Dip Switches
In our experience, this step seems to give our customers the most headaches. To set the brand jumpers for transmitters with dip switches, you’ll need to locate them in the transmitter unit:

  • The keypad entry transmitter has the brand jumpers above the dip switches
  • The remote transmitter has the brand jumpers below the dip switches

There are two brand jumper settings: A and B. Both of these settings need to be placed in + (plus), – (minus), or 0 (zero) positions. In order for you to place both A and B settings in their proper positions that match your garage door opener brand, you’ll need to look at the manual under “Step 2 – SET BRAND JUMPERS”.

Note: Please keep in mind that you might have to try all brand jumper settings in order for your transmitter to work. In our experience, this isn’t the most accurate chart and there has been times we’ve had customers try every setting until one of them worked.

Creating a Custom Code too Early for Model 89
Once you have set the Frequency Switch, Brand Jumpers, and Dip Switches for the keypad entry transmitter (model 89) DO NOT create a custom code until you have ensured the transmitter works with your garage door opener motor. You’ll need to enter the factory default 4-digit PIN, which is 0000. Once the transmitter is working properly you can then set a custom code.

If you need help programming the Skylink Universal Garage Door Opener (keypad entry model 89 and remote model 39) or are looking for garage door remotes or controllers – Home Controls can help. Just call our toll free number at 800-266-8765 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free tech support and product advice.

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