Holiday Lighting Control Using Home Automation

The holiday season is here, which means there are plenty of fun things to plan, from deciding which family member gets the most presents to what type of matching sweaters the whole family gets to wear for the holiday photo. And then there’s holiday lighting to think about. What type of Christmas lights do you plan on using to decorate your home so that you can outshine all of your neighbors? It’s definitely one of the busiest times of the year. If only there was a way to simplify it all.

Well, we don’t know much about matching sweaters or who in your family is on the naughty list, but what we do know is how to simplify home lighting control for the holiday season. So imagine this. Imagine being able to control all of your Christmas lights using a smartphone. Or what if there was a way you can have all of your holiday lights turn on and off on their own? Being able to add this type of control to your holiday lights can easily be accomplished with home automation. By adding a few smart devices to your home, you’ll be able to control all of your holiday lighting remotely and even create special holiday lighting scenes to schedule which festive lights are turned on and when.

But before you read about what devices we recommend using, please keep in mind that they will have to be compatible with each other. Most of the devices we recommend communicate through various wireless protocols, such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and others. So for example, if you have a Z-Wave home automation controller you’ll need a compatible Z-Wave smart switch or Z-Wave plug-in module.

Home Automation Controllers
In order to control all of your holiday lighting via your smartphone, you’ll need a home automation controller. Most home automation controllers can be accessed with a mobile app and it’s with the app that you’ll be able to control your holiday lighting. With your smartphone, you’ll be able to turn on your holiday lights remotely or even create schedules/scenes that will determine what time and for how long your Christmas lights will be on. So say you’re going to be away from home during the holiday but you still want your Christmas lights to be on. You’ll be able to use your smartphone to control your lights remotely without having to be on your property. You can also set up a specific time of when you want your Christmas tree lights turned on at night and choose a time to have them turned off. The beauty of home automation is that it allows you to be lazy from time to time, so yeah, you can fall asleep without having to worry about leaving on your Christmas tree lights.

Planning on having several holiday parties? If so, you can also use a home automation controller to create special lighting scenes to have certain lights in your home turned on and even have them dimmed at certain levels. This will allow you to set the perfect lighting mood for any type of holiday party. Most home automation controllers are also compatible with Voice Control devices like Alexa, so you’ll be able to use voice command to control your lights as well, making it even easier than using a smartphone. But depending on how much eggnog you plan on serving, you might want to turn off your Voice Control device during your party since you don’t want your guests having too much fun by taking over your smart home.

Recommended Home Automation Controllers

Besides getting a home automation controller, you’re also going to need other smart devices like smart switches or smart plug-in control modules in order to control your Christmas lights remotely.

Smart Switches/Plug-In Modules
To control your holiday lighting using your smartphone, your Christmas lights will need to be plugged into a smart switch or a smart plug-in module. A smart switch replaces a regular electrical outlet while the plug-in module plugs into a regular electrical outlet. Both devices can communicate wirelessly to your home automation controller. These devices are pretty easy to install, especially the plug-in modules because all you have to do is plug the module into the electrical outlet, push a button or two to connect it to your home automation controller and that’s pretty much it. Smart switches are bit more difficult to install since you have to uninstall wired-in electrical outlets and replace them with smart switches. But we do find that most tech-savvy homeowners can do it themselves. If you’re unsure, we recommend having a professional do it for you, or you can call us for help at 800-266-8765 for free tech support and product advice.

Besides controlling your Christmas lights, smart switches and plug-in modules can also be used to create many different types of lighting scenes. You can learn more by reading our blog: Most Commonly Used Lighting Scenes in a home automation setup.

Recommended Smart Switches/Plug-In Modules

Multicolor Z-Wave Light Bulbs
Smart light bulbs that can be adjusted to glow in multiple colors are devices you might want to use for the holiday season. You won’t need a smart switch or a smart plug-in module, just a compatible home automation controller, plus, these bulbs are easy to install because they fit into any standard light socket. There are thousands of colors you can create – just imagine using various shades of red, green, gold, silver, or blue to create the perfect design for your holiday lighting. Think of it this way, you’re the artist and your home is a blank canvas which can come alive with colorful lights that you alone control. How fun is that!

Recommended Multicolor Z-Wave Light Bulbs

If you’re interested in using home automation to control your holiday lights, please don’t hesitate to call us. We can help you find the perfect smart devices to get you started. Just call our toll-free number at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free tech support and product advice.

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