Smart Door Locks: Easy, Secure, and No Keys Necessary!

No House Key? No problem! Use a Smart Door Lock!

What if you didn’t have to carry a house key on your key ring? What if you could have your front door unlock automatically as you drive up to your home? What if you could send an access code to the lock to let someone in your home for a service call or for an emergency? What if every member of your family had their own access code and you received notification when those codes are used? All of these things are possible with today’s smart door locks!

Z-Wave is a very popular home automation protocol that offers many options for automating and controlling the various systems in your home. One of the most popular is Z-Wave deadbolts. With a Z-Wave deadbolt, you can assign everyone in your family their own unique code. Then you can set up custom notifications to let you know any time those codes are used. Many customers are finding it a very helpful tool to know when kids get home after school.

Another popular use for Z-Wave deadbolts is for limited access for specific people or services. For example, you have the plumber scheduled to come by for a service call at 9:30 AM. Since no one will be home at that time, you can log into your controller and send a custom code to the lock. The trick here is that we can make that code expire shortly after the scheduled appointment time. You simply set the code, using the last 4 digits of the plumber’s phone number for example, and let him know the code and that it will expire at 10:00 AM. Then the plumber shows up at his appointment time, does his work and leaves. In this case we can also set a notification for the door being locked at the end of his appointment so you will know when he has completed the job and left.

Do you own a rental or vacation property that you rent out on a regular basis? What if you no longer have to send keys to the prospective renters or deliver the keys to the property when the guests arrive? A Z-Wave lock may be just what you’re looking for. Now you can assign a unique code for each rental and have that code expire at the end of the rental period. Many customers are using these locks to manage their rental property access rather than using physical keys.

Do you have a business or other situation wherein you need to secure and/or monitor the activity of who is coming and going throughout the workday? Z-Wave locks are a reliable, flexible solution for that as well. They come in the form of deadbolts, which are used on the top of the two holes in an exterior door, as well as in leverset form, used in the “doorknob”, or lower hole, of the two holes in an exterior door or interior door that has no deadbolt. You can get notifications for every code that is used on every lock as well as any times incorrect codes are used on a lock when someone attempts to access an area they are not authorized to.

The smart lock controller interface will always give you the current battery level in the smart lock itself. With average use, most smart lock batteries last between one and two years. The locks come in various styles and finishes, allowing you to choose a lock that matches the existing hardware on your door or the colors of your home. They are also available with or without a keyhole so you can still keep a key handy for emergencies. If you decide to add more Z-Wave devices after your new door lock, you can have the door codes act as an activator for different functions such as turning on lights if it’s after dark or adjusting the thermostat temperature automatically when you get home.

As technology expands and our lives become more dependent on smart devices, adding smart door locks to your home or business will definitely make your property more secure and provide easier ways for you to control who can have access and when, without having to hand out actual keys.

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