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Hot Open Box Items at Home Controls

Open Box Items at Home Controls

As a sharp online shopper, you realize that the biggest online shopping discounts are usually not high-profile events. However, we are going to share one of our best kept secrets to help you bargain shop for the biggest deals on “Open-Box” products.

What does the term Open-Box mean? And why are these items so heavily discounted?

We will discuss common Open-Box questions and provide a more in-depth insight to see if you are more of an “Open-Box” or “Closed-Box” customer.

What does Open-Box Mean?

An Open-Box item is an uninstalled item that has been returned to us within the return period. The box may be damaged, opened, or missing. However, the product is still in new condition and just can’t be sold as “brand new” anymore. It is likely the customer purchased the item and it did not fit their needs.

Why order a Open-Box Item?

“Open-Box” deals are one of the best shopping secrets for any savvy shopper. It is the perfect way to get a like-new product for a fraction of the original retail price.

Where can you find the current Open-Box Items for Sale?

As returned items come into our warehouse our Open-Box item inventory is always changing day-to-day. Any of our items that say (Open Box) in the title and the sku number ends in “_OB” will be a Open-Box version. To take a peek at our current inventory please visit our Open-Box items.

How Much can you Save with Open Box Items?

The discounts on Open-Box items will vary depending on the item and the box’s condition. On certain items you can even save up to 80 percent off the retail price tag.

Are manufacturer warranties still valid on Open-Box items?

Yes! All manufacturer warranties are still valid on Open-Box items. Every product has a different warranty timeframe. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Support team and they would be happy to check the warranty at any time!

What are some examples of Current Open-Box Products?

Seco Larm Entry Open-Box Items

HomeSeer Open-Box Items

Jasco Open-Box Items

What’s The Bottom Line?

Open-Box items are a great opportunity to take advantage of your full savings at Home Controls. Turn another customer’s buying mistake into your chance to save. Open-Box item purchases are a no-risk buying experience and Home Controls will back up the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you would like to order an Open-Box item or have any further questions, Home Controls can help. Just call our toll free number at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free customer service or technical support. Or you can view our great selection of Open-Box items online

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