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How to Integrate the Ring Doorbell with Your Traditional Intercom Door Station

“How do I integrate the Ring Doorbell with my traditional intercom door station?” This is a question we often get here at Home Controls’ Tech Support, and the answer isn’t as complicated as it would seem. It just takes a little bit of understanding on how a traditional intercom door station works compared to the Ring Doorbell.

BT88EL000CH000The door station is an integrated component of an intercom system. Most modern intercom systems use a pair of wires for power and other wires to transmit voice data. In addition, the voltage sent across these wires is not necessarily the same type of voltage you would use to activate an old school door chime. With the regular push-button doorbell, the initial push of the button completes the circuit and the chime creates a “ding” sound, and when you release the button the solenoid plunger recoils and hits the other chime creating the “dong” sound.

Elk_AC_Transformer_Ground_02The Ring Doorbell cannot be wired into the intercom power source (typically DC) or be expected to work in the same fashion as the intercom door station because not all intercom systems and door stations are wired the same. If you are using the powered version of the Ring, you would need a step-down transformer of 16 Volts AC at 24 Volts AC.

In general, we recommend that you run your traditional intercom door station and Ring Doorbell in parallel, but to disable the button on the door station intercom unit. This can be done by removing the button and replacing it with a plug, or by placing a cover over the button.

BT99RGC000FC00Instead of using the intercom chime, we recommend using the Ring Chime Module inside the house. When the Ring device is pushed, the Ring Chime device will sound in the home, and you will still be able to use your intercom system to talk to guests at the front door. And if you are not home, you can use your smartphone to answer the front door via the free Ring mobile app.

There are, however, some M&S intercom models that have front door stations without the button. This would free up a pair of wires to run power to the Ring device. So instead of the wires connecting to the button, they can connect to a proper 16-24 Volt AC transformer behind your master unit.

For other types of intercom systems, you could run power to your Ring unit from the other side of the wall. But please consult a professional if you are not comfortable in identifying or working with the wiring of your intercom or power lines.

For the IST Retro Music & Intercom system installations, which is a three-wire installation, you might want to consider a different option than the Ring. We suggest the IST RETRO MyDoor Wireless IP Video Doorbell. It’s specifically designed to work with the IST Retro Music & Intercom system as a door station. Plus, it will allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to see or speak with visitors at your door via their free IST-MyDoor app.


If you would like to integrate the Ring doorbell purchased from Home Controls with your traditional intercom door station, we can help. Just call us toll-free at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free tech support and product advice. You can also email us at or visit

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  1. You will also want to put an inline fuse on the Ring doorbell at the transformer since you cant put the chime booster on the electrical chime card. This will help with the voltage regulation and a surge if there is one.

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