Why Your Smart Home Needs an Intercom System

Improve the way you communicate with your family at home all while adding another layer of security to your smart home with a home intercom system. Installing a home intercom system eliminates the need to yell for family members across your home to get their attention. With the push of a button, you’ll have instant room-to-room communication with other members of your household without having to leave your current room. Additionally, most intercom systems can incorporate a video doorbell unit, giving you the ability to see and speak with visitors at your front door.

There are a wide range of Home Intercom Systems to choose from. Most are offered as kits or complete systems, which includes a master station, several room stations, connection or power cables, and installation hardware. Some kits include outdoor intercom stations, such as patio or video door stations, to talk with people just outside the building. Additionally, newer systems support music distribution which can be controlled from the master station, with sources originating from your smart device via Bluetooth connectivity, built-in radio tuners, or wired connections to a pre-existing audio system. If you’re not interested in an intercom system with music distribution capabilities there are voice only systems available.

If your smart home already has an existing wired intercom system that you are looking to replace but are worried about the cost of new installations, we have some good news! There are a variety of whole-home replacement intercoms that can be retrofitted into existing installations without the need for costly rewiring. This means you’ll be able to use the same wiring, and possibly enclosure specifications, and save time and money that would usually be spent on new installations.

To help you get started, we put together a list of home intercom systems which include whole-home new installation intercoms, whole-home replacement intercoms, and door answering intercoms that are great options to enhance your smart home living.

Whole-Home New Installation Intercoms

IST I2000 Music & Intercom System

For those looking to add a brand new intercom system to their smart home that could cover numerous rooms and zones (up to 20), the IST I2000 Music & Intercom System is a great choice. The IST I2000 system is offered in kits, which include a master station, room stations, patio and/or door stations, and a Bluetooth receiver. As the main intercom station and audio hub of the system, the Master Station allows communication and music distribution through any or all stations in the system. With the Bluetooth receiver, you’ll be able to connect a smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device to the Master Station to play endless streaming music through your speaker system. You can even add voice command with Amazon Alexa by connecting an Amazon Echo or Echo dot to the master station via an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connection.

On-Q/Legrand Radiant Broadcast 4 Location Kit

As a voice-only system, the On-Q/Legrand Radiant Broadcast 4 Location Kit provides an easy way for you to communicate with the entire household with the push of a button. This system is offered as a 4 location kit, which includes 4 Radiant Broadcast Intercom Room Units, an 8-Location Distribution Module, and a 30-Watt Power Supply. Up to 8 rooms can be supported, all of which connect via Cat5 wiring. You can also connect to an On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom Video Door Unit so that you can see and speak with a visitor remotely without ever having to answer your front door. The Radiant Broadcast Intercom System also features intercom room monitoring functionality so that you can listen to your infants, toddlers, and elderly parents from a different room of your home to make sure things are okay.

On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom System

Providing an easier and more convenient way for communicating at home, the On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom System features room-to-room calling, hands-free replying, and room grouping functionality. The system also supports mute and do not disturb as well as custom room naming with a color LCD display in high resolution to provide easy navigation when selecting which location to communicate with. This system is offered in kits, which include Selective Call Room Units, an 8-Location Distribution Module, and a 30-Watt Power Supply. Up to 8 rooms can be supported – all connect via Cat5 wiring, and if you want to expand to even more rooms, you can install additional 8-Location Distribution Modules to support up to 32 intercom stations. And as part of the radiant collection, the selective call room units are constructed with a modern, low-profile design to enhance the look of any room.

Whole-Home Replacement Intercoms

IST RETRO Music & Intercom System

You can update your pre-existing in-wall home intercom system using your existing 3, 4, or 6 wire systems with the IST Retro Music Intercom System. Available in 4 or 5 room kits, this system includes a master station, room stations, a patio station, door station, and Bluetooth receiver. With the master station, you’ll be able to retrofit it into the hole of your pre-existing master intercom unit and connect it to other room stations as well as external speakers. The Master unit also features AM/FM radio with 10 presets, a dock for MP3 players and other audio devices. And, you’ll be able to play music or issue voice commands through your intercom system because it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You could answer your front door from your bedroom with the included door station, meaning you won’t have to leave your room to speak with a visitor. 

M&S DMC Music & Intercom System

Add music and room-to-room intercom communication to your whole house with the M&S DMC Music & Intercom System. This system can be retrofitted into your old system using existing wiring and wall openings. Options include Master Stations (3-wire or 4-wire connections to room stations) that can support up to 15 stations and 3 door speakers. Master stations include an AM/FM radio tuner, music source inputs, and remote volume and source control functionality from room stations. Intercom room stations and door stations are also available to expand your system as well as patio stations to provide outdoor audio. The door station will allow you to communicate with visitors at your front door from another station in your home, making it easy to know who’s visiting. Room stations feature a high-quality speaker powered by 30W RMS with speaker volume control, door talk, and room talk buttons.

Video & Voice Intercoms

MyDoor Wireless IP Video Doorbell

If you would like to minimize break-ins all while adding an easy way to see and speak with visitors at your front door, the MyDoor Wireless IP Video Doorbell is your answer. The MyDoor Video Doorbell allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to see or speak with visitors from a remote location. It features an HD adjustable camera with 160° degree field of view, LED night vision technology, Remote Unlock Technology, and a MicroSD card slot so you can record video and snapshots. It’s also extremely durable because it’s IP 65 Rated, making it vandal proof and weather resistant, plus, it has a nice design and comes in various colors to match and enhance the look of your front door area.

Please note: The MyDoor Video Doorbell is also available as the IST RETRO MyDoor Wireless IP Video Doorbell. The RETRO MyDoor Video Doorbell version is specifically designed to replace the original door station that’s included with the IST RETRO Music & Intercom System Kit. 

Adorne Wireless Video Door Intercom Kit

With crisp, color video you’ll be able to see who is at your front door from another room of your house using the Adorne Wireless Video Door Intercom Kit. This kit includes a Door Unit (doorbell & camera) and a Room Unit. An advantage to installing this system in your smart home is that it can be expanded with additional Room Units to create a room-to-room intercom system. Not only will you be able to see who is at your front door, but also have a live video chat with other household members. The system has a wireless range of 200 feet (between units) and the Door Unit has built-in memory for recording a short voice message that will automatically play when a visitor presses the doorbell button.  

Channel Vision DP Series SIP Intercom

See and communicate with visitors at your front door with the Channel Vision Door Phone SIP Intercom. This IP video door station features an illuminated doorbell, a built-in night vision camera, and door strike relay. You’ll need a compatible Channel Vision IP Touch Screen Intercom Station (part # ST-3048) or an RTI Touch Screen to view and speak with visitors from another room of the house. With the integrated door strike relay, you’ll even be able to unlock the door from your room, which is great for letting friends or family members enter your home, or for letting delivery personnel open your door to leave a package. And if you connect it to your Network Video Recorder (NVR), you’ll be able to record footage from the video door station.

Ring Wireless Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbells have reinvented the way smart home owners answer their front doors. With video doorbell units featuring HD quality cameras and microphones, plus live streaming functionality, you’ll be able to easily see and speak with visitors without having to open your front door. You’ll even be able to communicate with visitors remotely, using your smartphone and with a small subscription fee, you’ll be able to record and store all of your video footage in a cloud.  

If you would like to add an intercom system to your smart home or retrofit a new intercom system to replace your old system, we can help. Just call us at 858-693-8887 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free tech support and product advice. You can also email us at service@homecontrols.com or visit http://www.homecontrols.com.

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