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Summer is upon us, and that means higher temperatures and more opportunities to turn on your AC unit to keep your home cool and comfortable. But running your AC to cool down your entire home is costly, and most HVAC systems can’t evenly distribute forced air throughout the home, creating noticeable differences in temperature from room to room. Plus, most thermostats only measure the temperature in a single, central room, leaving other rooms to be left too hot or cold once the set temperature in the thermostat’s room is reached.

Instead of heating or cooling the entire home when using an HVAC system, Smart Vents redirect airflow to individual rooms by closing specified vents in order to send forced air to where it’s needed. This enables desired temperatures to be reached faster without wasting energy in rooms that don’t need their temperatures changed. Smart Vents allow for specific temperatures to be set in each room, reducing energy usage by efficiently distributing airflow throughout the home. 

Warm up the bedrooms without making the rest of the home uncomfortable. Cool down the living room during the day without freezing other rooms that receive less direct sunlight. 

Ecovent: How It Works

Smart vent systems consist of the following components: smart vents, temperature sensors, a system hub, and an app for smart devices to control the system. 

Smart vents open and close when commanded, redirecting air flow from over-conditioned rooms to rooms in the home that need it the most. Some smart vents also include pressure sensors to keep track of the redirected airflow within your HVAC system. 

Temperature sensors monitor temperature and humidity in their assigned rooms. 

The smart hub stores and coordinates data gathered from the vents and sensors to relay information to the app on a smart device. It can also integrate compatible smart thermostats to add a location for local control.

The smart vent system is controlled via an app for iOS or Android devices. The app can assign custom temperatures for individual rooms, monitor airflow pressure levels, and connect compatible smart thermostats to the smart vent system.


Keen Home






Home Controls offers two series of smart vents from one manufacturer, Ecovent and Keen Home. The main difference between the two product lines are the sensors. Keen Home sensors are mounted onto flat surfaces, either walls, ceilings, or desktops, while Ecovent sensors plug into outlets and include additional plug-in and USB outlets in its design. 

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